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Sundance 2010: You Are Now Free to Move About the Wait List

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-01-22 -

Contributed by Jeremy Mathews

What was supposed to be a clever marketing gimmick has turned into a headache for Sundance's waitlist staff. Sundance and its new sponsor, Southwest Airlines, decided to print a reference to the airline's boarding process on the place-holder tickets handed out to reserve  each waitlister's place in line.

Above the number is a designation of "Group A" or "Group B." This was simply meant as a reference to the Southwest boarding pass, which classifies when a passenger gets to board the plane and muscle their way to a seat. But a group of volunteers tell me that it's been a source of confusion, with the suckers in "Group B" wondering how many people are ahead of them in Group A.

Well worry not. If your waitlist ticket says "Group B - 27," there are only 26 people ahead of you. The number is all that matters. The group thing is only there … you know, for fun.

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