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Sundance: 2009 Box Office Scorecard

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-01-14 -

With Sundance 2010 just about to kick off, it's time to tie a bow around the 2009 festival -- and that means judging it by how last year's festival films did at the box office.

IndieWire provided this roundup of how 2009's Sundance competition slate performed in theaters, unintentionally emphasizing the bleak state of things in the art-house marketplace. While Precious (pictured) became a breakout hit, and An Education thrived, other independent films in general vanished quickly from theaters. And while it's wonderful to think of an institution like Sundance existing in a bubble where art is all that matters, any movie-lover should want the talented filmmakers and intriguing films it showcases to see the light of day outside its high-altitude confines. Box-office performance may be only tangentially related to quality across the board in the film world, but it would be wonderful if the risky proposition of championing a small, possibly challenging film were paying off more often for distributors.

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