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Sundance from Your Couch

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-01-12 -

Some folks complain that they'd go to Sundance movies, but the logistics are just too complicated -- the snow, the travel, the Park City traffic woes, etc. So how about catching Sundance films from your couch?

The "Sundance Selects" on-demand sister of The Sundance Channel has arranged for same-day on-demand distribution of three features from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival: The Shock Doctrine, a documentary based on Naomi Klein's best-seller; the grim vengeful-father thriller 7 Days (pictured); and the bittersweet single-dad comedy Daddy Longlegs. All three will debut the same day they have their first Sundance Film Festival screening -- certainly a cozier option than standing in a wait-list line.

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