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Your Weekend at the Movies

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2009-02-27 -

While everyone else is busy catching up with the movies that won the Oscars last weekend, why not engage in a little counter-programming and catch up with the movies that lost? You know, in other words, the movies that are actually good. (I'm not bitter.)

Opening at the Broadway is Waltz With Bashir, the gripping mix of animation and documentary that fell short in the Foregin Language category. And there's still The Wrestler, which is much more than Mickey Rourke's career-resurrecting performance -- and a much more emotionally potent underdog story than a certain bit of Mumbai silliness we could mention. (I'm still not bitter.)

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Posted // March 2,2009 at 09:22 I saw "The Wrestler" last weekend and I was wowed--like everyone was. I do think you have been too hard on "Slumdog Millionaire." I think the film was rich and creative as well as a realistic look at slum life in India's teeming cities. I understand your criticism of a certain level of silliness--SM had it in spades. But as a frequent visitor to India, and having visited huge slums in Mumbai and New Delhi, I can attest to the fact that the kids live by their wiles and invention just like in the film. They are the greatest survivors in the world, and for capturing that piece of a quite sophisticated subculture that few westerners understand, SM was spot on.