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Race Out and Rent (or Buy)

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2009-07-28 -

Fast & Furious? Miss March? Dragonball: Evolution? These are the "major" DVD releases for the week. Forgive my absence of enthusiasm.

That doesn't mean there's nothing great out there. You've just got to dig a little deeper, and consider stuff that may not be on the menu at the Redbox. If you're looking to laugh yourself silly and familiarize yourself with the latest work by one of America's finest and most deeply disturbed animators, try the new short films collection Bill Plympton's Dog Days. The 113-minute compilation covers Plympton's work from 2004-2008, including the "dog trilogy" (Oscar nominee Guard Dog; Guide Dog; and Hot Dog). Also on the typically whacked-out bill: Shuteye Hotel; The Fan and the Flower; and Santa: The Fascist Years.

Get just a taste of Plympton madness here. Then race out and rent (or buy).

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