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Paisola moves to Nevada

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2010-07-05 -

Until today, if you went to Robert Paisola's website dedicated to prison reform, you would have found that the City Weekly 2007 cover story subject celebrating the virtues of American justice because he has been taken off the Utah sex offender registry.

While apparently technically true, as ever with Paisola, the facts require a little more investigation.

Paisola was placed on the Utah registry after he was convicted of a child porn possession charge in 1994. Since release from prison, he's made a career of sorts on the Internet as a self-proclaimed expert on debt collection and exposer of fraud, although his many, many critics say he himself is a fraudster who uses the Net to extort cash from crooks and the innocent alike. His most recent and most powerful critic is the cable news giant CNN which filed a law suit on April 7 this year alleging among other things cybersquatting, federal trademark infringement and deceptive trade practices.

I asked the Utah correctional authorities if it was true Paisola had been removed from the Utah offender registry as he proclaims. The answer came back, yes, the former Lehi resident wasn't on Utah's registry anymore, but had been moved to Nevada's, where he has been a resident since mid-May. I checked on Nevada's registry and could not find Paisola. The last time he went to jail, it might be noted, was for a short stretch following his failure to register his new address with the authorities.

Paisola says "I have been completely released of any and all type of supervision." Quite how this was achieved he did not reveal. "We prevailed," is all he will say. He also questions why media scrutiny should be applied to his sex offender status. "We are making huge changes in America," he says, pointing to two businesses he claims he has "forced to deal with the wrath of the consumer." 

City Weekly over the last two years has received numerous calls from individuals and businesses complaining that Paisola has in some way abused them. Out of fear of his continued harrassment, however, they have declined to go on the record. Paisola scorns them. He says he is about protecting the small man from corporate America. He contrasts his anonymity-seeking critics as "people who stand back and do nothing but throw stones." 

The Department of Corrections says they will be keeping an eye open for him in case he returns to Utah. Quite how they will do that escapes me.

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Posted // October 22,2013 at 18:14

he is currently working for Lifetouch Studios in Las Vegas. Working with CHILDREN. I have forwarded his info to the metropolitan Police department.  


Posted // July 14,2010 at 01:47

Where oh where has our little Rob gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?

No comments....come on Rob!!!U can do better than that.


Posted // July 13,2010 at 11:41

Take a look at his Linkedin account sometime. I looks to me like some of his experience runs concurrent to his prison time.

He has also added a little bit more education than before.

I suppose it's no worst than telling ladies he has a working and functional penis and that he is attracted to them. Any of you ladies have small children in the home?


Posted // July 12,2010 at 16:12

HeyRob...since I know you check this since you're so hung up on's a few simple, yes or no, questions. Let's see if you can answer them without your standard bull.

Are registered on ANY sex offender's list, in any shape or form, anywhere in the country?

Are you still on court probation in the 4th dist court here in utah?

Do you have to get permission from the judge/court in order to return to utah, so long as you are court probation?


Posted // July 13,2010 at 00:08 - HAHA...NOW THAT;S FUNNY RIGHT THERE!! This is actually so very true! There's several of us who have been scammed by Mr. Paisola as women and we all have had the same similar experience.He may rise to the occasion to brag about himself to the world. BUT in private, rising to the occasion is not his thing!!! Hey Rob...we wanna know since you liked to ask us..."Whose YOUR daddy!??"


Posted // July 12,2010 at 17:15 -'s another. Is it true you have penile errectile disfunction unless your victim is dressed like Pipi Longstocking?


Posted // July 7,2010 at 05:43

Robert "friended" me on facebook, and weasled my phone number out of me. I'm not one to just give that out online, but he was asking about my profession, so I figured it was for business and no big deal... He called a few days later around 11 at night, and immediately launched into a huge name-dropping speech about how he was cutting deals and single-handedly "saving the new city center" in las vegas, buying publications, and was going to a VIP party at the Palms later that night, blah blah blah. I didn't ask to hear any of this, and I truly didn't care, but whatever. It was apparent that he liked to hear himself talk, so I let him finish, even though his entire HOUR-LONG ego speech via phone bored me to tears and totally urked me.

He proceeded to ask me about my own profession, and confessed that he'd been a hobbyist for years, but that he had just purchased "over $10,000 worth of equpiment" (he made sure to put an emphasis on the price, almost as if he were waiting for me to say, "ooooh!") and that he would love for me to come over and show him how to use it all. He even said/confessed, "I just buy the stuff because I can afford to, but I don't have a clue how to use it." I respectfully declined to be his tutor, only to find him posting photos all over facebook a month later telling people that he was a "certified professional," and to call him for his OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and completely amateur services.

He even took a photo of ME at a party last year and posted it online with text at the bottom claiming, "Copyright 2009 for Allure Magazine." Seriously? It was a candid shot, for one, and two, Allure wouldn't touch these crap-tastic pictures with a ten foot cattle prod. Do people really fall for this? Allure doesn't give a rat's about some stupid party in Salt Lake City, sorry to burst your bubbles, Utah social-sluts. Dark, I DARE you to contact Allure Mag and see if they've ever heard of him.

At the end of the day, Rob has found a new market to exploit besides the financially destitute - the vain and insecure. If you DO buy into his garb and aren't totally turned off after the first 30 seconds of meeting/talking to this dude, I question YOUR intelligence, people.


Posted // July 7,2010 at 09:11 - Good for you for not buying into all it. Some aren't so smart. I was one that was even dooped by him. I'm curious how he can afford 10k worth of anything when he claims to only makes "minimum" wage so he doesn't have to pay child support on what he actually makes. Oh yeah...he steals, fanagles and rapes it away from innocent people not caring what it does to their lives!!!