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Surviving Life After Solitary Confinement

by Stephen Dark
Posted // 2013-08-07 -

Several weeks ago I met with a 37-year-old man who was the author of a remarkable, if disturbing, posting on Craigslist about how difficult life has been for him since he was released from the Utah State Prison's maximum-security wing, Uinta 1.

You can read the posting in its entirety below.

While the post at times seems more like venting than a cohesive argument, he does, particularly in the opening section, detail a life that is impossible to imagine, one that has been closed off not only from society, but also from the general prison population.

The sensory deprivation of Uinta 1 took its toll on him, he writes. "For many years I was locked in a cell all by myself 23 hours a day. The cell was the size of your bathroom. No human contact. No hugs. Just constant screaming and yelling and banging of other inmates."

And then, he writes, he gets released a free man."Me having complete freedom brings tears to my eyes, because Im far from free."

He explains in simple language how alienated he feels from the world he has been abruptly released into, how his days and sleepless nights are filled with an over-agitated kind of mental and physical pacing that reflects how he's swapped a physical prison for a mental one, an experience exacerbated in part because nobody in society bothered to reach out to him to help him adjust back into "normal life."

After 20 years in prison, eight of them in solitary, he has no friends to turn to or talk to, he can't manage with any degree of sophistication a basic cell phone and no one will give him a job. If his criminal record doesn't shut people down, his extensive body art will, he concludes. He trusts no one; that was a luxury that he could not permit himself when growing up in an institution from a teenager to an adult.

No woman would accept him for his past and who he is, he writes, and if they did, he would not view himself as worthy of her love. "Saying she could do better than me is an understatement."

Toward the end, the piece shifts into an angry rant against law enforcement, local and federal.

But then he writes, "Out of all the people in this crazy world that we live in, it is me that wishes I never thought like this, If I never thought like this, then that would mean I would have never done 20 years in prison. I chose to believe that some cops have honorable intentions, but it took no discipline to create this system, so therefore nobody takes full responsibility for it. Maybe that explains why I am having a hard time taking full responsibility for my life."

Ex Uinta Inmate Letter

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Posted // October 7,2013 at 14:28

To throw it all out there, to everyone that is following the blog, I have a list of all names of the authorities in Sevier County involved in my case. Like I said, those IP addresses come back to Kansas. I think I know who STU is, but I need to know for sure before releasing that name out. But while doing a cross reference search on all names to see who lived in kansas in the past or that has family memebers that lives in Kansas I learned something new today. Further evidence of misconduct down in Sevier County. I explained to Stephen Dark that I initially retained Marcus Taylor as my lawyer for the Aggravated Assault case for getting my wife off the road while she was driving drunk. And the relevance in me explaining my retained legal counsel was the inherent conflict of interest in that. Meaning the assigned DA Dale Eyre prosecuting me being the former employee of Marcus Taylor and his law firm prior to the case ( conflict of interest ). Well, I mailed a letter to Sevier County a few months ago about the upcoming interview with City Weekly, one of those letters went to Shelley kaye Haupt who was this so called victims coordinator for my ex wife ( the ex wife that I got off the road ).  A google search showed in 2005 Shelley Haupt got a divorce in 2005, and the legal counsel was Douglas Neeley. When I was arrested and could no longer afford to keep Marcus Taylor in the case between me and my wife for getting her off the road. When I lost Marcus Taylor, guess what attorney was appointed to represent me ? Douglas Neely. The same attorney in Haupt's divorce. Thank you to everyone for all the emails I have received. If someone can help me further with a search, to learn of people and their relatives free of charge when doing a search looking for someone with connections to Kansas, I would suggest veromi. com


Posted // September 30,2013 at 14:28

To ensure complete accuracy those IP addresses are as follows :  (   70. 208. 6. 93   )    (   70. 208. 3. 248   )     (   70. 208. 2. 246   )    (   70. 208. 5. 249   )    (   70. 208. 3. 18   )    and last but finally   (   70. 208. 8. 1


Posted // September 30,2013 at 14:16

This is CJ. A lot of people have watched this blog closely, and as everyone can see all of the comments have been taken down. Today I spoke to Leo Lucy of the Utah Attorney Generals Office. If STU is in fact a peace officer for the State of Utah, then his comments opened up a can worms ( Lucy quoted a referral to the prosecutors office ). Today I was provided with STU's IP addresses ( there is six of them ). These IP addresses are as follows:  70. 208. 6. 93    70. 208. 3. 248  70. 208. 2. 246   70. 208. 2. 246    70. 208. 5. 249    70. 208. 3. 18    and  70. 208. 8. 1   To everyone that reads this comment posted, my google search uncovered Verizon Wireless out of Wichita Kansas near El Dorado Sate Park ( but this info could be outdated and not current ). If its STU, and if he is a peace officer down in Southern Utah, its either a phone he brought with him from Kansas when he moved here to Utah, or its one of his family members in Kansas.  To all my friends that read this, could you please run a search on these IP addresses and see what you can find ? Do you know anyone that works for Verizon Wireless ? I am not computer savvy. I have complete trust in the Utah Attorney Generals Office, but I feel more comfortable with an independent search. . As me and my friends have explained in the blog that was removed ( for obvious reasons ) we believe STU is a peace officer, and so therefore broke the law with his comments ( at the very least unethical ). Today Richfield City Chief of Police Johnnie Evans denied knowing who STU is, and he said he would love to know if STU was one of his officers. If anyone can help me, please contact me at:  john26chris@gmail. com