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That Shit Cray: Kanye West Adds Tour Dates, Cancels SLC Show

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2013-09-23 -

Kanye West, the rapper who had sex with Kim Kardashian at least once and also sells $120 white-cotton T-shirts to faux-hawks with credit cards, announced over the weekend the addition of six new dates for the upcoming Yeezus tour, and, unfortunately, the cancellation of his stop here in Salt Lake City.If you were planning on seeing Lord Yeezy at EnergySolutions Arena on Nov. 1, know that Smith'sTix is honoring all refunds and Kanye would rather perform in Anaheim that evening instead.

It's all about the money, kids. Poor pre-sales, and the fact that the only artist to sell out ESA in recent memory was Taylor Swift (Kanye's arch nemesis), probably had something to do with this maneuver.

But it's all good. Odyssey's production of Thriller will be going down at Kingsbury Hall on Nov. 1. So, there's that. 

Now, fill the comment section with your tears.  

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Posted // September 24,2013 at 16:35

Seriously Dustin, who am I? I am no one important, but I am a working musician and a serious fan of music. The Grammy's are just a nother meaningless masturbatorial menage of fevered egos and political jockying. Often artists get votes because someone was paid off or a respected collegue engineered or produced all the shit off it to make it sellable. Kanye possesses no redeemable qualities, has no right to call himself a musician or an artist, and is just another flavor of the same canned shit we have been fed for several decades now. To quote Anonymous, Fuck Kanye and his Grammy.  

It is one thing to have different tastes, it is different to have that taste reak of dung.  


Posted // September 25,2013 at 09:01 - I listen to all kinds of music as well, old rock, country, but hip hop is by far the best with all the beats and stories it tells. Also due to the fact that he has two albums on the top 50 albums of all time according to many websites. But i guess that doesnt mean anything, that list has people like Michael Jackson, The Beetles and Johnny Cash, but what do i know?


Posted // September 24,2013 at 10:08

Thank god, there is hope for us yet. That not enough people in Utah want to go see a talentless schill like Kanye West just took my day up a couple of notches.  


Posted // November 15,2013 at 02:40 - Seamus you have all these ignorant opinions of a man who you know nothing of from the lack of beef behind any of those opinions that you haveso now he is a piece of shit ARTIST? What does 'Another flavor of the same canned shit we have been fed' mean? Where do you get off saying he 'has no right to call himself a musician or an artist'? You said yourself- you're a working musician - okay well any 10 year old jackass can tell he is an artist and if you want to separate the two a musician as well - so why can't someone who should be able to recognize that sort of thing recognize it? You're pissed at hip-hop/rap for some reason. I don't consider myself a fan of Beetles music or the genre - but I know enough to know they are not hacks and knew what they were doing and for that alone I can respect them - because I too work making music and know enough about it as a whole despite my lack of knowledge on certain genres - I know what is good and bad, I may not know good from borderline good in every genre but good from bad is what we are discussing - it's more like one in a generation excellent and as you call him 'shit'. C'mon you gotta know more than that about Kanye West. Mr. West might be a mad genius but still a genius.


Posted // September 24,2013 at 15:16 - Fuck Kanye and his Grammy.


Posted // September 24,2013 at 13:34 - Kanye is talentless? Are you seruis? Who are you to critic music you have no knowledge of. If you knew hio hop and its style you would know he is great and is one of the best hip hop artists ever accoring to many peopel whos job is to liten and critic music. Grammys and other awards say different