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The Lumineers at Great Saltair

by Courtney Tanner
- Posted // 2013-09-18 -

I made a very careful decision when choosing my outfit for the Lumineers concert at the Great Saltair on Tuesday night. I didn’t want to be too hot or too cold; I didn’t want confining clothes, but I wanted to be comfortable. So, I decided to wear a denim shirt and don my black Ray-Bans. And, as it turns out, so did every other hipster there.

Doppelganger? Check. But besides having a million look-alikes (not an exaggeration), the concert was exceptional—until it was cut short, that is.


On an outdoor stage as the sun was setting over the Great Salt Lake, the night started out with Nathaniel Rateliff, who made me fall in love with indie rock all over again. His voice so well suits the genre.


Then, Dr. Dog came along with their blue beanies, skinny jeans, and yellow cardigans to woo me even further—it seems like they, too, had carefully considered their get-ups for the show, although it wasn’t clear from my notes that there was, in fact, a yellow-cardigan-clad man onstage. I realized it’s rather difficult to write in the flashing red, blue and magenta lights of a concert; what should have said “yellow cardigan” in my notes looks more like “yellow cardgar”—whatever that is.


Dr. Dog energetically made it through about five songs— including “Do the Trick,” “Stranger,” and my personal favorite, “That Old Black Hole”—before the weather threw a wrench into the works. What had started out as a light, flirty breeze turned into a monstrous gale (also not an exaggeration), which caused the 200-pound speakers to sway from their suspensions, so security stopped the show mid-song to create a makeshift stage on the upper balcony.


During this unexpected intermission, I was able to use the restroom, buy a T-shirt, watch two guys play pattycake, learn to play the didgeridoo, redirect Breaking Bad and resolve the Syria crisis. After the five-hour, 54-minute, 13-second wait period ended and the makeshift stage was completed, The Lumineers appeared in a stylish splendor of suspenders. And their performance, while short, was worth the wait.


Clustering around the balcony, the crowd morphed into a sea of clapping hands and camera phones as the band busted out “Flowers in Your Hair,” “Classy Girls,” “Ho Hey” and half of a new song. Since it was getting late by that point, security stopped the performance yet again—this time for good—causing the crowd to counter back with some woeful obscenities (people sure are creative in their word choices). But those few melodies were high-energy, great entertainment and well-sung. During the set, Jeremiah Fraites, the percussionist for The Lumineers, even leaned over the balcony and beat his drumsticks against the green wrought-iron rails.


Once the music was really over, everyone filed out to sit in the parking lot for two hours due to the traffic jam (people sure have some creative driving techniques). If I’m being honest, the end was a little anti-climatic. It was a great show with a stellar lineup, but I just wanted to see more. After all, I got really dressed up.


Photos by Alan Taylor Smith.

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Posted // September 20,2013 at 13:57

Are you being payed by City Wkly or the Saltair for this review? Put on some grown up pants and right a review. . not a waste of time. . . which is how I would sum up the experience for the artists and the audience.  

F the Saltair.


Posted // September 20,2013 at 14:44 - Yeah, "right" a review. You're a "righter. "


Posted // September 20,2013 at 12:51

We were smart enough to park on the street (being stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam after Mumford & Sons last year) so we wasted no time getting out of the hell hole that is Saltair. The concert sucked plain and simple. No one should ever book a show there! Horrible parking, horrible planning, horrible EVERYTHING!


Posted // September 24,2013 at 11:44 - haha! Good thing I don't get paid to "right"


Posted // September 20,2013 at 11:31

I thought it was a pretty good show guys. That wind was NUTS up on the balcony and on the backside of the stage. It was definitely dangerous.


Posted // September 20,2013 at 11:27

When I saw this link on google I thought, "finally, someone is gonna help publicize what for me and many, many others was the worst concert experience in many years. "  Alas, I agree with other commentors that your review was cripplingly benign.  Let's face it, the show sucked.  If I were going out to dinner and spent $100 only to be served some cold french fries off someone else's plate, I would be as pissed as I was after this debacle. "  The band has been silent, and United Concerts keep dragging their feet about a decision regarding refunds.  The least you could do is let folks know the truth about this event.


Posted // September 19,2013 at 21:15

What a joke! We were obviously not at the same concert. The sound was horrible, I could not see a damn thing and don't even get me started on the parking.  I'm sure it took you the full 5 hours 45 minutes and 13 seconds in line to get our shirt. The band, the promoter, and the salt air should be ashamed of themselves. Thank you for your fantastic ass kissing review.