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Heroes of Cosplay: Geek Girls Are Waiting For You!

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2013-08-13 -

Cosplay is short for “costume play,” nongeeks—I know, I was hoping for an underground subculture based around Cosby Show fan fiction, too.

Heroes of Cosplay, debuting tonight on Syfy, spotlights sci-fi/anime/videogame fans who’ve somehow found even more hours in the day to waste, constructing elaborate costumes based on their favorite imaginary characters in order to best one another at convention contests and “make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay.”

Now, before you dehydrate yourself weeping for our country, it should be noted that the craftsmanship and passion displayed on Heroes of Cosplay is impressive and infectious; the rest of you might be swayed by six simple words: Hot nerd girls in skimpy costumes.

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Posted // August 15,2013 at 12:12

The comment about you seeing "hot nerd girls in skimpy costumes" Is sickening. I have met a lot of "hot" no beautiful women in cosplay. A lot of them actually have modest Costumes. Not all of us dress skimpily. Cosplay is a window into a whole other world where we can be who we've always dremt of being. For some It's an escape and others just for fun, but what ever the reason we  Cosplay It helps us shape who we are in the "real world".  Many non cosplayers think that we just slap together fabric and craft foam the night before these conventions but a lot of time and love goes into the making of each and every cosplay. Also Have you not seen the many posts around the internet that Cosplay is not Consent.


Posted // August 15,2013 at 10:12

Wow. "I can't understand why folks with free time would spend theit time constructively crafting art. . . but BOOBIES!"

And -you- will weep for us?


Posted // August 15,2013 at 10:06

I really find this offensive. . . You would really say something like this? Especially since Salt Lake City is getting Comic Con, one of the BIGGEST conevtion known. You shoudl celibrate it, and not sit here and harrase people who actually do stuff with their lives. This is a hobby, like sports. So it's no different than this either.  

 No one should go, 'dehydrate themselves weeping for their country. " like I stated above, it's a hobby. And you don't have to like it, but you don't have to harrase it either! 

 Not all cosplayer girls run around wearing hardly next to nothing. I am a girl cosplayer, and I hate showing more than 30% of skin. It's rude too think that we all run around and do that.  


Posted // August 15,2013 at 09:55

An impressivly biased and close minded article you have here. First off, cosplay may seem like a bunch of "nongeeks" strutting around in costumes, and if you're a girl not wearing a costume at all, but in reality it is so much more than what your tiny mind can understand. Hours, even YEARS, go into cosplays! People spend hundreds of dollars to recreate something they love! I have friends that before cosplay they didn't know how to use a gijsaw or a heat gun.  

Cosplay is much more than dressing up, it's teaching yourself how to do things, how to make your costumes, learning the tools required for your trade, learning about your character. Cosplay is learning.  Cosplay is doing what you love. Cosplay is discovering yourself and your confidence.  And cosplay is good for the soul.

But of course I don't expect you to understand that, just any curious soul that might read your misguided article.  


Posted // August 15,2013 at 09:02

Wow, 2013 and we still have jerks who think it's okay to completely dismiss someones hobby/passion/ sense of being/way of life as stupid in a heatbeat. Are you racist/homophobic/sexist too? Close minded people like you generally are. I'm sure you hide that aspect of yourself better. Have you spent weeks and hundreds of dollars to make something beautiful sir? How am I any different from the art students doing the same on a piece of canvas trying to get recognized in the horribly competative art scene? God forbid us young adults try to do something to forget how much student debt we are in in the same way "normal" young adults do. Yeah fellow cosplayers, we are "supposed" to be getting drunk at bars and seeking our life mates amoung the bars roving masses of date rapests. How could I forget? We're supposed to be beligerant that our favorite team lost out with all our man baby friends at the sports bar. We're supposed to go to the mall with our boyfriends and waste our time/money there. Because "normal" people hobbies are so much better than ours. I sincerely hope you are embarrassed by your child brain Mr. Bill Frost. Please let it grow past age 5 or you'll continue to be am embarrassment for yourself and others at City Weekly.