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D.J. Bell Trial Set for September

by Brandon Burt
- Posted // 2009-08-03 -

A review hearing in the case of Utah vs. D.J. Bell was held today in 3rd District Court.

Bell and his partner Dan Fair were beaten to a pulp by a bloodthirsty mob in the early-morning hours of July 4, 2008 after the neighbors' two small children--who wandered away from what sounds like a real barnburner of an up-all-night party--knocked on Bell and Fair's door, and were allowed to stand in the doorway while Bell prepared to go over and locate Mommy.

Somebody at the party saw the kids knock on Bell's apartment door, so the paragon of motherly concern came to collect her children, slinging unspeakable accusations although the kids were safe and sound. That was when all hell broke loose. A posse formed and proceeded to kick the shit out of Bell and Fair amid a barrage of homophobic epithets.

Police were summoned and, natch, it was Bell who was arrested--none of the assailants were so much as questioned, from what I can tell.

Clearly, this was a hate crime, pure and simple--had Bell and Fair been some heterosexual couple there's no way things would have turned so ugly so quickly. But, because they are gay (which to some peoples' minds is equivalent to being a child rapist) the boozed-up revelers decided to go over and teach the faggots a lesson. 

As far as I know, there was no further investigation into the attack. This means, of course, that it's open season on gay men--want to bash a queer? Perfectly OK--just be sure to accuse him of being a child molester first.

Bell faces charges of kidnapping and robbery (robbery? WTF?). The trial is scheduled for the week of Sept. 21.

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Posted // April 7,2010 at 11:52

This was his fault..He took the kids through a window and through rose bushes....Burn pedophile piece of shit..burn.


Posted // April 7,2010 at 15:07 - Die pineapple eater, die.


Posted // September 21,2009 at 21:44

Hello Brandon,

I can't find an email for you but wanted to let you know that their trial is in full swing. We will be protesting all always you can find all the information at

Thanks -


Posted // September 9,2009 at 03:11

I call it poetic justice. That's what he gets for beating his x-wife who by the way was a female. Oh, and for giving his 1 year old son, at the time, a bloody nose to let him know how it feels. Since the 1yr old knows hitting his dad was wrong. Guess you tards didn't know about DJ's history did ya.


Posted // August 4,2009 at 15:05

I can't believe this is still going on, and that South Salt Lake decided not to prosecute the attackers. They got off scott free, after committing a vicious, heinous attack inside Bell's home. My thoughts are with Bell, and that he is finally freed. I am troubled by the lack of justice, so far, in this case. Why is the victim in jail? Why are the attackers free? Homophobia, plain and simple. People need to educate themselves that homosexuality does not equal pedophilia, starting with the South Salt Lake police.


Posted // August 4,2009 at 12:00

This is ridiculous. Those that commited violence, for whatever reason, should have been arrested, as well. This was not done in self defence. I don't know the facts to this case, but it sounds as if the kids were simply trying to get away from their obnoxious parents while they partied the night away. As with every story, there are many things that we do not know and may never know. There exists the possibility that these men did invite the kids to their home for unsavory reasons, though I don't think anybody would be dumb enough to kidnap Polynesian kids from a Polynesian party occuring next door to their residence - that would be suicide.

One thing, though, Brandon. I doubt that this would have turned out differently had the couple been hetro. The people involved would likely have pounced on any opportunity to fight. If you were to obtain records from those involved, I'd bet that you'd find some of them already have records for assult, etc.