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PETA Wants Your Kids to Protest Lagoon

by Renee Estrada
- Posted // 2013-07-12 -

Lagoon—it's what fun is. But, according to PETA, it's also where animal abuse happens. The animal-rights group has organized a protest specifically for kids Saturday.

According to Jordon Kasteler, who's organizing the protest, “Lagoon has received 18 citations from the USDA for violating the animal-welfare act, and some of the citations involve failure to provide adequate care, filthy enclosures, untrained employees and staff."

USDA last cited Lagoon in September 2011, for an "indirect" non-compliance issue. According to the report, two leopards were treated for having three-plus ascarids each. After treatment, the leopards were not given subsequent fecal tests to "ensure that the ascarids were successfully eradicated." Lagoon hasn't had any violations since. 

Saturday's protest is geared toward getting children's voices heard in defense of animals. Adults are welcome but will be "sidelined," according to the Facebook event page. "WE NEED LOTS OF KIDS FOR THIS!" the page continues.

PETA and Kasteler are aiming to get the animals moved. Kasteler believes that “[Lagoon] is not a safe environment for the animals. There have been instances of people throwing rocks and trash at animals, and the loud noises from the rides can scare the animals or put additional on stress them."

The group makes the point that Lagoon isn't all bad, though. "Lagoon provides plenty of amusement with rides, games, etc without having to imprison animals for entertainment of humans."

Lagoon could not be reached for comment.

“We’ve talked to many organizations that would help fund this process and help transport the animals," Kasteler says. "By doing this, Lagoon would save animals and costs, because obviously maintaining and caring for the animals takes a lot of money.”

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Photo courtesy PETA

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Posted // July 16,2013 at 17:46

If PETA doesn't want me to go, that's all the more reason FOR me to go. . . PETA can eat it


Posted // July 20,2013 at 14:46 - It's not about you; it's about the animals. It's time to stop having knee jerk responses and realize that there's absolutely no reason for Lagoon to keep animals; that's not the attraction that draws people to Lagoon. Maybe you should think about the animals and the awful condition that they're being kept instead of your feelings about PETA. I don't agree with PETA on everything but at least their hearts are in the right place; Lagoon should not be keeping animals.