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5k "Run-4-Guns" Race Calls for Armed Runners

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2013-06-26 -

If you happen to be strolling through the sleepy Utah County town of Spanish Fork in September and turn a corner to find dozens of runners pounding the pavement and packing iron, don’t worry—it’s not an invasion, it’s Utah’s first ever “Run 4 Guns” 5k, where participants are encouraged to run while openly carrying the firearm of their choice.

Macgregor Whiting, a 26-year-old Utah County resident, is one of the organizers of the event and sees it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that gun owners are responsible, normal citizens, while also raising funds for a good cause.

“We thought it would be a positive reflection on people who support Second Amendment rights, and that it could make a difference for those affected by tragedy,” Whiting says. He says the hope is to donate proceeds from the event to a charity to help those impacted by gun violence in Utah. He says he and his partners are still searching for the right way to donate the money because they don’t want proceeds to go to an “anti-gun” organization.

The race, set for September 21, starting at the Spanish Fork fairgrounds, has a half mile and 3.1 mile option, and is already accepting runners and has received approval from the city. Whiting says the race has very strict safety guidelines. If the firearm’s trigger is not covered by a holster, the firearm cannot have ammunition in the chamber or attached magazine. Unholstered firearms will be checked in and the action zip-tied, without exception. But participants, as long as they have a legal firearm, can run with it, including shotguns and rifles, though the actions on those firearms will be zip tied, as well.

Lycra and Lugers may be an odd pairing, but whatever the attire and arsenal chosen by participants, Whiting hopes the event will send the right message.

“It should be a very entertaining event, and it’s also a very powerful way to represent gun owners and people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms as normal citizens, getting out, exercising their rights and showing what they believe in,” Whiting says.

For more information, visit the organizer’s site

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Posted // July 5,2013 at 07:12

Wouldn't it be funny and ironic if someone shot them all dead? And all the elected officials who made it law?


Posted // June 30,2013 at 00:24

" it’s also a very powerful way to represent gun owners and people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms as NORMAL citizens "

Really. . . normal???   I know a lot of people with CCPs (including myself) and none would take part in something like this, which is one step up from that nitwit who carried an unloaded AR into a shopping mall "to make a point" (he also should have painted a bullseye on his back because he'd be the first target for a nutcase shooter - and unless he was also carrying a loaded firearm, he'd be dead).    This is the flip side of gays who wanted to hold a "kiss in" at Chick Fil A. . . extremists with nothing better to do telling the world they represent "We The People" - you guys should get together with Gingrich and set up a moon colony away from people who really are normal.   



Posted // June 28,2013 at 10:06

I wouldn't submit to being disarmed in public.   Unloaded, zip-tied guns are useless.   Submitting to those rules implies that running with a loaded gun is unsafe.   I've never had any trouble running over 500 miles with my pistol.