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State Street Ceviche Taco/Tostada Cart

by Mick Huerta
- Posted // 2010-06-16 -

When appetite is sparked by light, fresh, quick and inexpensive, be assured, you can be satisfied. And perfectly it all can be done at El Paisa taco cart on State Street in Salt Lake City, UT.

There are many such carts on corners throughout the city but one, just one is owned by two brothers (Julio and Felipe) from a town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Being boys who have grown up in a village facing the sea they know fish and ceviche. Unlike other street carts (owned by Nortenos, meaning big meat), they bring their knowledge of ceviche to this little Utah town. Oh, you can get the big meat at El Paisa too, but it's not greasy. Being fish lovers, all items offered are fresh, clean and not heavy. And after an informal survey, they are the only street vendors who serve ceviche in SLC.

Now my question is that if I were to bring a good white wine in a sippy cup could I reach seafood Nirvana right there on the corner of 9th South and State Street? Or if I ordered "to go", I think I might get rather close. And so could you and I'll see you there.

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Posted // June 17,2013 at 15:31

The best and freshest food! The only place that I go to get get my lengua and civiche! The nicesest peep's that you could find. Saw them out in a blizzard with their flood lights on and gave them a try and I now I don't go anywhere else. They are awesome!


Posted // August 16,2010 at 21:46

It's not a question of where but who... the brothers at 9th & State are from Alcapulco. When you know the sea and how to handle seafood you can transport the knowledge anywhere. I feel lucky we have Julio & Felipe bringing it loud and proud in SLC, UT! Great ceviche and it's cheaper than a ticket to Alcapulco. Venganse!


Posted // June 16,2010 at 09:03

Ceviche always makes me nervous, especially in Utah. But I do like the carts at the corner of 9th and State. Instead of ceviche, I'll take taco con buche. I like me some greasy pig guts.