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Former Call Center Owner Starts Petition for AG's Resignation

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2013-01-15 -

Aaron Christner, the call center owner who tape recorded John Swallow saying he'd like to take over consumer protection, has created a petition demanding the Attorney General’s resignation, following a recent alleged bribery scandal involving Swallow.

Attorney General John Swallow has been embroiled in scandal since Jeremy Johnson, an internet marketer, provided documents alleging Swallow brokered a deal that had Johnson paying at least $250,000 to try to get Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, to derail a Federal Trade Investigation into Johnson’s company back in 2010.

City Weekly has been following Johnson’s close relationship with former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff since 2008, when Johnson donated to $50,000 to Shurtleff’s campaign coffers a few months after his office dismissed state fraud charges against his company. Johnson was later charged by the FTC in 2010 and later indicted in 2011 by the agency for running a fraudulent online marketing empire that defrauded thousands out of an estimated $350 million.

Johnson has now told the media that he had enlisted Swallow to funnel what was expected to be $600,000 in total to lobby Senator Reid to put the kibosh in the investigation. It’s a charge Swallow flatly denies.

But many have called for investigations into Swallow and for him to step down from office, including Aaron Christner an embattled call center owner who provided an audio recording to City Weekly of Swallow telling him that he and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff could resolve his legal problems. That conversation, which took place in the spring of 2012, was begun by talking about an upcoming fundraiser for Swallow’s campaign for attorney general. During the conversation, Swallow also said he planned on the Utah Office of Consumer Protection away from the governor’s control and putting it under the attorney general’s office so he could control the investigations.

Christner’s petition reads: “Bring honesty and integrity back to Utah, This is a office that should be transparent and fair.. not bought and paid for... they always say ‘where there is smoke,there is fire’” In the comments section, a user identified as Christner writes to Swallow: “Your hand got caught in the cookie jar this time, I thought Shurtleff taught you better than this? they always say, ‘the apple does not fall too far from the tree.’”

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Posted // March 28,2014 at 10:27 I am david Koch and I am a d-bad!!! David Koch is a scam artist and likes to leave fake notes and posts everywhere online. I love it! He has no life. He plays ballerina with little girls all day and is a child molester


Posted // March 25,2014 at 13:31 So I just got off the phone with Ryan Jensen, and he let me know his long time companion Aaron has finally succumbed to his aids infections. Poor ryan is very upset that his bf Aaron Christner has dies. He sounded very soned, and I cannot blame him for getting baked, he any Aaron had been together a long time. were not even shure if rayn has it yet or not. But the good news is Aaron got to see John Swallow removed from offce before he dies. That made him really happy. I remember seeing him, he was very week and had no hair, but he smiled. So now aaron is gone, but we will go on because he taught us well how to d what he did best!


Posted // May 16,2013 at 07:29

Swallow did not follow through, that is why the petition. cant trust swallow at all. jokes on you guys though, aarron and i up and left utah, cant touch us now. so nite me Traci Gundersen!


Posted // January 19,2013 at 08:28

I'm pretty sure Aaron christner has never met or even spoken to Jeremy Johnson.  


Posted // January 17,2013 at 14:51

So is Jeremy Johnson's partner, David Leavitt, actually David Jr son of former Juab County Attorney David Leavitt. . . Michael Leavitt's brother?

Why isn't he up on charges too?

If we don't prosecute David then we are going to have to apologize to polygamist Tom Green.