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Where to Watch Hannibal Now

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2013-05-02 - Now that Utah NBC “affiliate” KSL 5 has dropped Hannibal, made national headlines and got you all interested, where are you going to see it now?

And when? You’ll have to wait, however you choose to find it: Local station CW30 has announced that it will air Hannibal on weekends after Saturday Night Live—though your TV listings may not reflect that yet; just DVR the 60+ minutes after SNL on CW30 (whatever it’s labeled as) and you’ll probably get it. There’s also Hulu, but that takes a day or so, as does Xfinity/Comcast On Demand. Some outlaws may resort to torrent downloads and, should they get busted by their ISP, they might consider sending the fine notices to KSL. Not that I’m recommending anything.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s Hannibal episode you may eventually see, titled “Entrée” (nice) and guest-starring Eddie Izzard (nice!):

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Posted // May 2,2013 at 21:08

ksl sucks. .


Posted // May 2,2013 at 15:53

I've throughly enjoyed this series so far, but once again KSL has deemed it in their "almighty" wisdom/ "mormon standards" that we should not be viewing this television program. I wish NBC would look at this. Hell its getting national attention and pull their affiliation with that station. I view this as being told by a church I don't believe in that I can't watch something I choose to. I know someone is going to say its not the LDS church's descion to pull this program to that I say, look it up KSL is heavily funded by the LDS religion so they have a major say what is shown. So in all stop treating me as a child and stay out of what I want to view and for those that don't want to watch it don't. No one is forcing you to. NBC get a brain and pull your rights from KSL 5!