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No more "illegal" immigrant says AP

by Stephen Dark
Posted // 2013-04-02 -

As a reporter who has written numerous stories on immigration-related themes, I have always preferred to employ the term "undocumented immigrant" to the far more explosive and, to my mind, tilted "illegal immigrant."

Immigration activist Mark Alvarez noted on his Facebook page today that Associated Press has decided that its previous preference for using illegal immigrant to describe someone in the United States illegally is to change. Reporters should only use illegal when describing an action—i.e., illegal immigration—not an individual. An individual, it would appear according to the AP, cannot be illegal. 

You can read the AP's rationalization here.

But my preference for undocumented immigrant also comes in for criticism. Undocumented immigrant is wrong, AP says, because that implies they have no documents upon their person, when in all likelihood any individual is bound to have some documents relating to their day-to-day existence. Even if they are in the United States illegally, they will probably have their passport from their country of origin hidden away somewhere, I guess the argument would go.

AP suggests instead of either, use "living in or entering a country illegally or without legal permission." Only use illegal immigrant or undocumented immigrant in direct quotes. It also states that one shouldn't use "an illegal," "illegals," "illegal alien" or "undocumented," again unless in quotes.

Oh, and when we say he or she entered the country illegally, AP says we should specify in what manner they entered and from which country they came.

Rhetoric in the immigration debate is always charged, so, if nothing else, it would be great to see the use of the phrase "illegal immigrant" fade from view. But, I fear in Utah that's not something we can hope to see overnight, if at all. Like guns, Utahns tend to cling tenaciously to their notions of the folks who are here without legal permission.

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Posted // April 4,2013 at 15:57



The forewarning bell must ring out,  that the borders are not only unsafe for the Border Patrol, but for county sheriffs, town people, ranchers and land owners who live along the border region and live in danger every day; some of these regions either the South side or in our nation  are being controlled by the drug cartels. The border fence remains an anomaly, because this administration continues the crowing from U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the left wing press that the border is secure.   If it wasn’t such a mind anesthetizing lie, it would be laughable when the border is not anywhere near safe? That it stretches on for miles with nothing to separate the United States from Mexico, but some old lengths of rusty barbed wire. If you tend to be are interested in the truth about the Southern border, you can see actual aerial photographs showing where the politicians have been misled, given a deliberate tour of the border fence where it exhibits it strongest points, but few politicians ever venture out of the area and so remain ignorant; never seeing outside of the towering fence barriers in heavy population areas. The American Patrol group has done extensive surveys of the regions where there is non-existence border fence. Video and picture displays the fence where it’s very prominent in heavily populace sectors, but outside these confines it dwindles mostly to nothing.




The2006 Secure fence as originally planned for most of the U. S. border is most visible in San Diego, California and that’s it? Just 15 miles erected as a physical deterrent, decorated with cruel concertina barbs and erected as two fences right down into the sea. In actual fact its two parallel barriers that according to records is completing an exception job, of inhibiting thousands of poverty stricken  illegal aliens, criminal elements slipping into California.  Janet Napolitano can say what she will about the so called great fence built through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as “Free Speech” is allowed at this present time, but people are currently beginning to wonder why the Obama Administration is buying up tons of guns and bullets literary. Anyway--don’t take my word for anything that I enumerate, but judge for your selves by going to the American Patrol website.   


America has a choice, which they can keep paying hundreds of billions of dollars to support the illegal alien invasion annually; a free ride for the illegal parents of children, which should only go to true citizens and residents with green cards. It’s obscuring the true fact, that slavery was the instigator of the 14th Amendment law, NOT crafted to give the progeny of illegal parent’s citizenship, for all their babies. THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW WAS MEANT FOR THE DECENDANTS OF THE SLAVE TRADE IN THE 19TH CENTURY. This is a trillion dollar party package that has been going on for generations in pandering to potential undocumented Liberals and Democrats and thus finally destroying the wealth of America; a free giveaway in this rising welfare country.  Never has there been a president that has given away food stamps in massive quantities, whether you are here legally or not?  America is turning soft, where if you don’t want to work this administration will accommodate you as a “Freeloader. ” Not just illegal aliens either, but citizens/legal residence as well? Our only possible chance to alleviate this drain on America’s prosperity is for Washington to issue a NATIONAL ID CARD. IT’S PURPOSE TO IDENTIFY THE POSSESSOR AND ITS USAGE TO VERIFY YOU AS A LEGAL INDIVIDUAL, STOP VOTER FRAUD, ID THEFT AND APPLYING FOR A GUN PERMIT.   THE COST WOULD BE LIKE PENNIES, TO THE DOLLARS SPENT ON SO MANY OTHER PITIFUL IMPEDIMENTS?


Reports indicate that since Senator John McCain’s “Gang of Eight” restarted their latest push for amnesty, illegal border crossing from Mexico to the U. S. have more than doubled. It appears those entering the country illegally want to be sure they are here in case a blanket amnesty pronouncement is issued. As a U. S. Border Patrol Agent who spoke on condition of anonymity made clear, a number of those entering the country illegally are doing so to escape jail time or persecution in their own country: “We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talks started happening. [And] a lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons. ” Making matters worse, Border Patrol Agents currently face hour and pay reductions which Obama is blaming on the sequester cuts he signed into law in August 2011. This means there is less and less chance of catching illegal aliens as they cross over. Therefore, at the very time Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Robert Menendez (D-FL), Michael Bennett (D-Col. ), and Dick Durbin (D-Ill. ) are pushing for a path to citizenship is, our border is becoming more and more porous, and everyone who can get here illegally is doing it.

Checking Amnesty Applications Would Cost $20 Billion  By Stephen Frank on 04/02/2013 from the California Reports and Review website:


It costs a lot of tax dollars to allow criminals to stay in this country “legally”.   Currently, just in California it costs government at all levels over $20 billion.   That includes the cost of free cell phones, free health care and education, housing vouchers and the cost of jobs honest Californians cannot get. Oh, the amnesty to allow the criminals from foreign nations to stay here will cost $20 billion and give them pardons from crimes like fraud, lying on applications and other criminal acts that would put us in jail.

Total USCIS fees, thus would have a range of $917 for the most straightforward cases to $2,612 for the most time-consuming cases. The medical examination fee, and perhaps some other agency fees, will be in addition to the range noted above, as would, in many cases, moneys used to compensate for non-payment of income taxes in the past.

Given the huge financial (as well as peace of mind) benefits amnesty will bring to the applicants there should be no fee-waiver arrangements. However, given the low income levels of most of the applicants, and presumably a low level of savings, some creative governmental arrangements probably should be made in this connection to keep the amnesty applicants out of the hands of the lawless loan sharks and their cousins, the not-quite-lawless payday lenders. ” We have so many people out of work with no health insurance, yet the "illegals" get paid cash, they pay no taxable income and still able to defraud the IRS with child tax reimbursement without paying a dime and even go to our hospitals and clinics free. They have more rights than we do. How many have criminal records that we don't know about? Every day there is another illegal drunken driver, slaughtering a family on our roads.


We cannot give any ground of any kind in exchanging blows, by confronting politician in any method possible, to even calling them through the Central Washington phone terminal at (202) 224-312. Don’t forget the TEA PARTY is for maximum freedom and the U. S Constitution. REMEMBER THESE LAWS CAN STOP FURTHER WAVES OF AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INVASION, THAT THE TAXPAYERS ARE FORCED TO PAY. Read more about the undeveloped border fence at AmericanPatrol and a surprising sensor called the “Sonic Barrier” that is far superior to the regular units they have on the border. AmericanPatrol can also illustrate to you the incompetence and intended ignorance of the risks at the border, plus daily news and views that the Liberal press is keeping hidden? Here is a few websites for petitions against illegal immigration, news and reports not seen within the pages of the left wing press. NumbersUSA carries much intelligence on specific laws, with American Patrol showing ample evidence of an extremely weak border and ineffectual management at ports of entry, including airline terminals. There is daily news also to be found here, at American Patrol and all the happenings in Washington.   Corruption and abuse of all our laws, pending immigration bills and abuses in congress is available at Judicial Watch.


Posted // April 2,2013 at 19:21

Typical Comrade ObaMao lap dogs indeed. They are correct in declining to use the term "illegal immigrant" because they re ILLEGAL ALIENS! Check this out: http://goo. gl/4vthV