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Lisa Steed's falling star reaches national media

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2013-01-09 -

Former Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed has been in the news of late. And none of it's been good for the increasingly beleaguered onetime star of Utah DUI enforcement.

Her tale of woe after being fired by UHP and now facing a lawsuit filed by outraged drivers whom she arrested and charged with DUIs, even when they were allegedly sober, hit national TV screens on ABC News.

The New York Times also covered the lawsuit, noting that despite her passion for police work and her "wide smile," Steed developed an ever-growing list of complaints and allegations by drivers focusing on arrests she had made of drivers who had either not been drinking or were not impaired.

City Weekly gave voice to many of the initial concerns about Steed's once-stellar career at UHP back in September 2010 in a cover story titled "SuperTrooper."

It referenced numerous dashcam videos from Steed's patrol car that revealed she had committed numerous violations of UHP policy while conducting DUI stops and arrests and included interviews with drivers whose encounters with Steed had all but derailed their lives.

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Posted // February 21,2013 at 23:22

Waht A Real Pig!!!!


Posted // February 19,2013 at 17:31

This low life should NEVER be employed as a LEO ever again, anywhere. What she has done is far worse than most any common criminal, because she is supposed to represent JUSTICE, and honesty, and integrity. Mandatory jail time, and SEVERE punishment should be SOP for police officers who not only break the law but blatantly abuse their powers by falsifying reports and fabricating charges. ZERO tolerance and substantial jail time.


Posted // January 16,2013 at 23:38

So my question is. . . . At what point did officials decide that it would be a good idea to review her dash camera tapes?  Only after complaints were logged? Sounds to me like "numerous violations" could have been discovered and addressed before many of these people had their lives ruined by an over zealous police officer.   


Posted // February 1,2013 at 08:42 - I'll tell ya why Frank. . . Because they didn't want egg on their face from the golden girl. They knew. . . And did nothing. After this disgusting waste of a human is put in jail . . . You can expect the police department to be shelling out some millions as well for covering it up.