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22 Faces revives ritual sexual abuse controversy

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2012-06-25 -

Since the late 1980s, ritual sexual abuse has largely disappeared from Utah's headlines, despite the occasional, hard-to-substantiate stories that surface in Beehive newsrooms from alleged victims of horrific abuse by satanic groups.

Last year, the Herald Journal ran a controversial editorial about Teal Scott, a young woman who claims to be the survivor of ritual sexual abuse. It highlighted, among other things, how difficult it is to prove such allegations.

I spent months listening on-and-off to the stories of numerous women of varying ages who talked of extraordinarily violent and disturbing abuse they had suffered as children in Utah and neighboring states and with which, through psychological counseling, they were attempting to come to terms. In each case, however, evidence to support their often heart-rending claims was very difficult to come by.

A new book, Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-two Multiple Personalities, by retired Saratoga Springs-based psychiatrist Judy Byington, tells the story of Hill, who, according to Byinton, was the victim of sexual assaults by both her father and by neighborhood boys. Hill told Byington that on June 21, 1965, in Garden Grove, Calif., she was tortured on an altar and forced to watch the murder of a 6-year-old by a satanic coven, only to be saved by the intervention of an  angel.

Subsequently, Hill was subjected to mind-control experiments that resulted, Byington says, in Hill having 22 personalities. Hill moved to Utah County and ended up spending a year in the Utah State Hospital under the care of Weston Whatcott between 1984 and 1985. In a press release by the book's publisher, Whatcott acknowledges that Hill's multiple personalities were a result of childhood trauma, "namely, repeated sexual assaults coupled with ritual abuse."

Byington says Hill "really wanted her story told."  Byington drew on journals Hill and some of her other personalities kept from when she was 5 to 24. "We could all be multiple personalities if we have gone through all the trauma that these people have gone through," Byington says. "Children under tremendous torture, their minds can separate into different personalities."

Hill went to the FBI looking for the parents of the child she had seen killed, Byington says. While an FBI agent who looked at Hill's medical records told Byington that there was confirmation that horrendous torture had occurred, "he wouldn't open up a case for her."

Byington has also investigated local satanic covens in Utah, she says, and talked to a special-investigations unit at the Utah Attorney General's office in 2006 on ritual abuse cases. "It's still very much of a problem," Byington says. "These covens are very active and it's very difficult to prove what's going on."

Twenty Two Faces is published by Tate Publishing, which specializes, Byington says, in spiritual books.

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Posted // May 7,2013 at 15:07

"retired Saratoga Springs-based psychiatrist Judy Byington"

I'm not the first to point this out, but Judy Byington Weindorf is not, nor has she ever been a psychiatrist.

Byington calls herself "MSW, LCSW, retired", which is somewhat misleading because she is NOT licensed, and has not been licensed for over a decade. Judy Byington has also made disingenuous claims on her website. She says in her press kit that
since 2006 she's been a "consultant on Satanic crime" for the Utah Attorney General's office, but the UAG's office says she's lying. A quick Google search will pull up the UAG's statements about Byington.

As for Twenty-Two Faces, the book itself is just another example of the author's penchant for making public accusations without even a shred of evidence to support her claims.



Posted // May 2,2013 at 13:32

Judy -- I know it's hard for you to understand that some people work for what they see as the common good without a profit motive. You have always had the opportunity to address the criticisms of your book, but instead you've always chosen to question the motives of those who present the criticisms. It is quite clear that you are working from a profit motive -- a fact that was brought to light quite poignantly in your Dr. Phil performance where you provoked the profound disgust of both the studio and viewing audiences when the fact that you worked out a contract, in which you hold exclusive rights to Jenny Hill's story (wthout Jenny Hill receiving any of the proceeds).

To answer your question, Judy, I am motivated to defend victims of abuse from exploiters like yourself. I am motivated to defend victims of abuse from being absorbed into the delusional conspiracy theories you espouse of hidden cults where black magic levitation is performed, demonic possession runs rampant, and ESP is a by-product of abuse. These are just some of the ridiculous ideas put forward in your book, Judy.

I reviewed and commented on your book, Judy, because the truth matters. The claims you make have relevence in the real world, if taken as true, and potential readers should know that you've been debunked, Judy. People concerned with any of the topics you touch upon, Judy, should know that you are a proven liar.

It started as soon as your book was released. It was a self-published tome with an endorsement from an esteemed journalist who was already 5 years dead at the time your book was published. You have never been able to support the assertion that he endorsed your book. Then there was the contents of the book itself: an over-the-top work of supernatural horror fiction about a conspiracy theory for which you provide no direct evidence. It also became clear that you never sought evidence, as you never even bothered to perform basic interviews with Jenny Hill's own family. You never followed up with law enforcement on the claim that you have information regarding an open murder investigation. This indicates that not even you believe your own book, Judy. There are numerous inconsistencies in your book that you've also failed to reconcile. Jenny Hill herself expressed shock (on Dr. Phil) at the idea of a Nazi villain having anything to do with her story, though this is central to the book you wrote about her.  

Then there are the numerous claims you've made that have been proven outright lies. In your media kit online you claimed to be a consultant for the Utah Attorney General's Office. The Utah AG's office itself confirms that you are lying -- they have, and never had, any relationship with you in any capacity. I've posted these exchanges with them online for anybody who cares to Google it up. You also claimed that you were Jenny Hill's therapist, Judy -- only to retract that claim when it became clear that the fact that you are not licsensed made such a relationship outright illegal. Then, when the public became disgusted by your exploitative profiting from Jenny Hill's story, you posted an open letter online that suddenly claimed that profits from the book would go to "victims of ritual abuse". However, on the basic question of what mechanisms were in place to determine worthy victims and disburse funds accordingly, you failed to show that any such system was in place at all. Nor would you simply put the original contract online to show that there was ever any wording in it at all that acknowledged the profits would be used in this way. You are a liar, Judy.

I hope this answers your question, Judy. I have helped debunk your book because I think it's a crime that victims of abuse might like for help and information, and find the delusional ranting of a cruel liar like yourself instead. Now, perhaps, you'll answer any of the questions posed by my review of your book on Amazon and in Skeptical Inquirer many months ago.


Posted // May 2,2013 at 12:51

Please correct this: "psychiatrist Judy Byington"


Judy Byington/AKA Judy Weindorf is not, nor ever has been, a psychiatrist.

Byington/Weindorf now claims to Never have treated Jenny Hill.

Sorry folks. Some facts are wrong, and Byington/Weindorf keeps changing others.





Posted // May 2,2013 at 10:44

Jeanette Bartha, Doug,Sheri Storm,Roma Hart. . . your arguments against the preponderance of the ritual abuse of children can be found in thousands of comments on 22Faces' 119 Amazon reviews and under Judy Byington tab on your randi. org, a site run by a member of the False Memory Foundation. Also on Amazon are comments by ritual abuse survivors who say they lived the same abuse as Jenny Hill. So, why are you spending so much time and energy trying to disprove that children are being raped, tortured and murdered?


Posted // May 2,2013 at 12:56 - Author Judy Byington-Weindorf. I am discussing your book and your professional ethics which have nothing to do with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation or Amazon book reviews. Diverting questioning readers from questions asked you does not make anyone forget what we asked of you. No one is discussing the existence of horrific child abuse. Could you try to stay on topic Mrs. Weindorf? Lastly, one cannot site themselves as a 'source' when making statements especially as outlandish as those you make. As a journalist, you should know this. You are misleading your readers, Mrs. Weindorf.


Posted // April 23,2013 at 21:23

I've asked the author, Judy Byington, a few questions several months ago and she refuses to answer - I've given up. There are so many inconsistencies and debunking, it's ridiculous


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