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Christopher Nemelka to host LDS Temple Symposium

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2012-11-30 -

Christopher Nemelka will conduct a symposium this Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake City Main Library on his interpretation of the meaning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' temple endowment.

Nemelka says he is "the world's foremost expert on Joseph Smith and Mormonism," claiming "there is no other person on this earth who knows Joseph Smith and his true history as I do."

Along with claiming to have translated the "sealed portion" of the Book of Mormon, Nemelka has written a biography of Joseph Smith called Without Disclosing My True Identity. Nemelka says he is Joseph's brother Hyrum, reincarnated, and claims Joseph Smith has regularly visited him. 

He says in an e-mail that his intention behind the symposium is to get public feedback on a video he has prepared about what goes on in LDS temples.

Once he's finished the video, he says it will become "the authorized and official explanation of the LDS Temple endowment. There be none other that even comes close to what I can explain. And you can bet the LDS Church is not going to like it, but there's not much they can do about it, because it is what it is. :-)"

Nemelka says he has "an obligation" to prepare a video on each of the books that the "Marvelous Work and a Wonder" has produced. The video the audience will see on Sunday stems from the book, which Nemelka wrote, "Sacred, not secret: The [authorized and] official guide in understanding the LDS Temple Endowment."

The event is free and runs from 2 to 5 p.m. at the library (210 E. 400 South).

Nemelka has been featured in several City Weekly cover stories, most recently Sealed Fate.

According to his journal/blog, there's also been upheaval within the ranks of those who follow him, with Nemelka writing on Nov. 21 that he has permanently banished from his group Julie Taggart, one of his longstanding supporters and, for a while, his PR person, and attorney Rod Vessels.

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Posted // December 2,2012 at 11:13

What's with the Jesus attire. . . ?


Posted // December 2,2012 at 17:06 - His official title and supposed meaning of the name "Christopher" is "The Bearer of Christ", but that's just a convenient part of his gig. The photo was among those he offered to Stephen Dark to choose from for the "Sealed Fate" article. He has since cut his hair, but he is no less a menace to society.


Posted // December 2,2012 at 00:02

Let me get this straight: people actually follow this guy?

I'm starting to doubt the viability of my species.


Posted // December 3,2012 at 15:21 - Well, they follow L. Ron Hubbard, Sun Yung Moon, Joseph Smith, Jim Jones, Pat Robertson, on and on and on, so yeah, species viability trajectory runs parallel to the DoDo bird most days.


Posted // December 2,2012 at 17:00 - I had to chuckle at your response to this article, but it's really no laughing matter. Christopher has taken extreme care to mimmick the methods and precepts of Joseph Smith. Joseph said he saw God and Christ in 1820 [did not mention the visit until 18 years after the fact, in 1838] so Christopher can reasonably say that he saw Joseph Smith in the SLC Temple in 1987,[18 years after the fact] and seemingly escape criticism perfectly well. The list of parallels between Joseph and his scam and Christopher's is quite long. Christopher's argument is that if Joseph Smith is the real deal, then why can't I be? In turn, he correctly states says that "if I am a fraud, then so was Joseph Smith". I am a survivor of both of these cults, and both of these Cult leaders, but I can tell you that it was not easy getting out. The cure is good information, but finding it is the challenge. A person has to agree to a certain amount of ostracization and shunning [critical judgements] from the people most dear to them, so they are often reluctant to challenge the status quo. Those who follow Christopher Nemelka were able to leave the Mormon church and experience the rejection and disapproval from their Mormon peers, but sadly they didn't get free of Joseph Smith and his binding dogmas. They simply exchanged one false latter-day prophet for another. There is much concern about the effects these types of men have over the minds of their followers. It is my conviction that Joseph Smith will not endure the eternities with the reputation of a Saint, as nothing he offered the people of his day as truth will survive the test of time. A friend of mine who has been able to extricate himself from the LDs Church, but not all of it's teachings is quoted as saying; "Waking up is hard to do" So let's not give up on the viability of our species just yet. http://www. exitsupportnetwork. com/recovery/leave. htm


Posted // December 1,2012 at 16:39

Christopher says he is just looking for feedback from the public on his book, so here ya go. . .

The book is not a new release, it was published in June of 2008. At the time I was an avid supporter of Christopher and his worldwide movement to help the poor and needy.  Needless to say, the movement has helped no one to this date, much less the poor and needy.

I have read the entire Sacred Not Secret book several times, in fact, I helped write it. There are over a hundred of my own edits within its pages, so of course I am an authority on its authenticity and origin.

It's insights and explanations did not come from anywhere impressive, (the least of which is from some off-world Being's supreme understanding of all things).  which statement is meant to include my own uninspired brain.

Christopher Nemelka's claim to be the only one on this planet with accurate insight to Joseph Smith's calling, or The LDS Temple Endowment's true meaning and intent is just a ploy he has adapted (and refined) in order to gain personal value for himself. He knows that he will never be able to prove his claims, but that's okay because neither his followers nor Joseph Smith's will ever require any kind of proof, as they have all been conditioned to NOT challenge the claims of their leaders.

The book (and Christopher's personal interpretation of the LDS Temple endowment) will not be useful information, (hence not worth much) to any non-believer in Mormonism, so his potential gullible audience is rather small to begin with. Apparently the Highly Advanced Human Beings (he insists that they are not Gods)who he says inspired him to write the book are only interested in making contact with the intelligence life forms on this planet who are deposed to respond to the needs and curiosities of religious types, or those who qualify as superstitious. It would appear that the Highly Advanced Human Beings (HAHB) are convinced that the only way to effectively combat religious mumbo jumbo on this planet is by first providing relgious mumbo jumbo to certain controversial humanity types, (Joseph Smith) and then centuries later deliver the proper interpretation of said mumbo jumbo to other certain unreliable humanity types(Christopher Nemelka) so as to UNDO the damage the HAHB's caused.

(round of applause for the Highly Advanced Human Beings please)

As for the literal content of the Sacred Not Secret book, it does reveal that the LDS Temple Endowment has been altered and (some say)diminished by sincere individuals claiming to be inspired and working under the direction of the head of the LDS Church. The effects of the changes in the endowment is not widely felt by those who hold it sacred, because whether by intent or not, the endowment is just one of those sacred things that only the worthy are permitted to experience.   Why would any worthy member challenge the very thing that sets-them-apart (in this case "above") everyone else? The privilege is considered a privilege by those who have made it such. All others can wait outside.

In the end, the Temple Endowment itself, (regardless of how you wish to interpret any part of it), serves as a defining ordinance for those who see it as a much needed certificate to present to others as proof that they are worthy of Joseph Smith's God's approval.   It has forever been the source of much needless grief, anxiety, and depression in the lives of those who consider Joseph Smith's revelations to be sacred, and as such, is not expected to be perfectly understood.   Those who have recieved their endowments, yet have successfully moved on from Mormonism are living proof that the receiving the Endowment is not essential to one's happiness.   Therefore, taking a Sunday afternoon off to swing by the SLC Library to learn about one man's private interpretation of it is equally non-essential to one's happiness.

Even the book itself tells the reader again and again that the Endowment is of no real import, so what is the point? 

The point is simply this.

Christopher Nemelka wants to receive the same worldwide adulation as Joseph Smith, so he has gone out of his way to write a tell-all type book, that describes to the reader just how truly smart and inspired Joseph Smith was, and this plays directly into his hand to suggest exactly how he and Christopher are best buds now and forever, so that you will like him.

Of course he openly denies this.

He will also tell you that I am an enemy of his Marvelous Work, which after much scrutiny, is only Marvelous in the minds of but a few individuals on this planet.

The Library meeting from 3-5pm is just one more example of a man gone deep into himself for validation. This past June, the HAHB's who oversee his work and give him timely mandates, assured the world that Christopher's Mission was completed, and there would be no more Symposiums or public appearances, yet here we are, taking up time and space on a newspaper to let the world know that the HAHB's sometimes change their minds.

The Symposium was scheduled before the election, in anticipation of an onslaught of interest in Mormonism and it's core beliefs, but unfortunately for Christopher and his Marvelous Work, Mith Romney lost his bid for the Presidency.

As for Julie Taggart being kicked to the curb after giving her all, I'm sure that she blames herself and is presently suffering for no good reason. Christopher delights in his ability to make people like Julie bow down to him in agony. I hope she makes the break and looks elsewhere for answers.

Thus my feedback of the book, and it's author (Christopher), and his so-called Marvelous Works,  is duly submitted in advance, for Christopher's or  anyone else's consideration.

Harry Dschaak 


Posted // December 1,2012 at 14:02

He is not deluded, he is evil.   He gets money from his deceived followers to flatter himself by having them pay for his books o be published, pay for his videos starring himself, pay for his RV, pay his legal bills, while telling them his instructions are mandates from higher powers. He took $180,000 ?? from Julie Taggart, and now that she is broke, she is permanently banished.

Check out the MUST READ section on http://www. chrisnemelka. com

Additionally, here is a book he wrote years ago describing his motive and intention to deceive LDS.   If Mark Hoffman could do it, he could do it better.   If people were stupid enough to believe him, he deserved their money more than the LDS church.

http://chrisnemelka. com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/I-Was-A-Fanatic2. pdf


Posted // November 30,2012 at 19:55

This gentleman may be sincere, but he is clearly deluded.