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More Beer! More Beer!

by Josh Loftin
- Posted // 2010-03-26 -

A new Utah brewery gets worty.

A building that once housed pretty awesome pho and later was a used car lot (!) has now become, officially, the latest Utah microbrewery. Epic Brewing has been renovating and building infrastructure for a few months now in the building on State Street between 800 South and 900 South*, so the fact they are coming is not news. However, last week they received their final needed permit from Salt Lake City, and yesterday ... well, I'm going quote Utah's uber-beer blogger, Mike Riedel:

By the time most of you read this Epic Brewing Company's brewhouse will be online making their first beer. Their first beer brewed will be a yet-to-be-named India Pale Ale. The first of three different IPA's to be exact.

Mike goes on to describe how the brewery will operate: primarily as a beer store, which is great in my world because it is a short bike ride (or walk) from my house, and even on my way home from work (a dangerous proposition for a starving journalist).

An interesting approach by Epic is that all of their beers will be over 4% abv, meaning none of it is Utah beer. So, at least for now, all of it will have to be bottled (although it's probably a decent gamble because I would bet that in a year or two, the Legislature approves heavy beer on tap).

Anyhow, happy Friday! Cheers!

* Originally, I listed this as between 600 & 700 South.
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Posted // March 27,2010 at 09:57

I will travel far and wide for IPA. And now, I don't have to!


Posted // March 29,2010 at 11:29 - You've had excellent IPA close at hand for a while now. Squatters Hop Rising: 85 IBU's, 9% abv.


Posted // March 26,2010 at 12:02

Sweet! More beer is always a good thing. Congrats to Epic, can't wait to try it out.


Posted // March 26,2010 at 10:53

All beer brewed in Utah is Utah beer, regardless of the alcohol content.

Several breweries in Utah already offer "big" beers, including Red Rock, Squatters/Wasatch (UBC), Uinta and Moab, all of which are sold in bottles and are available at the breweries as well as some varieties at various liquor stores.

Good luck to Epic. I, too, live in the neighborhood and am very impressed by how quickly and neatly the brewery came together. If their beers are good (and affordable), I'll definitely be a repeat customer.