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States Gone Wild

by Josh Loftin
- Posted // 2010-03-17 -

An orgy of states' rights legislation draws the scrutiny of East Coast liberal media. Again.

This week's cover story, "All Hail Utah," focuses on the many ways in which Utah legislators made their position -- and thus, the official position of the State of Utah -- clear on many issues. It also examines how they took things a step further than most years by passing laws that will push the state into potentially costly lawsuits.

One of the most intriguing things about this year's session, for me, was not the messages they were sending but the attention on a national scale that those messages received. Most years, one or two issues might bubble up to the national level for a day or two, but this year it seemed like at least once a week media outlets from Fox News to The New York Times focused (as opposed to simply noted) on something legislators were doing.

That attention has again shone on the Legislature, with a New York Times article about states' rights that devotes a lot of space in the story to Utah's Patrick Henry Caucus. It also shows how Utah is not acting alone, especially on the Second Amendment issue, where Montana and South Dakota have also enacted similar laws.

For those who live in a cave (or, adversely, actually have a life), here's a refresher on the Patrick Henry Caucus.

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Posted // March 31,2010 at 18:54

I only find someone lacking in the "better and brighter" department when they decide to make my life choices harder to maintain.

If I were a young mother wanting an abortion, it would be much harder than it used to be.

If I were a GLBT youth, I might be homeless and jobless; kicked out and fired just for being who I was.

If I were in desperate need of some sort of reform to the Medicare system; well...shit outta luck, sorry.


Posted // March 17,2010 at 22:25


What is this "younger and brighter" generation crap? It is the snot-nosed younger generation who knows SO much about how the world works that they voted in a socialist for president. If you aren't old enough to have lived in the U.S.S.R, then you don't know what I'm talking about. From your comments, I can tell you haven't served overseas in any capacity. You're definately not a veteran. So, please, don't say "younger and brighter", because your very comments show your light isn't fully on.


Posted // March 17,2010 at 09:53

Having lived here my entire life, I keep hoping and hoping that younger, brighter generations will move into slots held by people like Chris Buttars or Howard Stephenson and the national embarrassment and local disgust will subside.

But Carl Wimmer and Greg Hughes and their ilk are proving that there is no relief in sight, sadly.

We can't evolve with cavemen making the rules.

How do you design a new airplane with people who still use rocks for hammers?

The Patrick Henry Caucus is manned by racists and religious oddballs and hypocrites. And, apparently, a lot of white, fluffy sheeple from Southern Utah-go figure. The fact that Bob Lonsberry, that idiot who calls-in his radio show from New York each morning, pretending he lives here, is a member. I would never dream of belonging to an organization or even taking notice of an organization that would put this dickweed at a podium as a example for all to see. He's a charlatan and a fake. He ministers to scared old ladies and screwballs who have no real convictions and are desperate to belong, somehwere, anywhere.


Posted // March 17,2010 at 22:18 - BlackMamba is embarrassed by Chris Buttars and others... Why? How can you be embarrassed over someone else's embarrassing situations. Who are you trying to appear differently to? Another state? Friends? I don't get your embarassment. It is that attitude of trying to keep up appearances that got us in the mess we are in. No one has the guts to call it like it is. Ilk? Give me a break. You live in a great state, because someone stuck their neck out for something they believed in. Whether you agree with Buttars or not is not the issue. You have to risk being embarrassed to stand up for your beliefs.


Posted // March 17,2010 at 10:38 - This article is goading, not reporting. See how it motivated BlackMamba.