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Utah Senate Majority Leader Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

by Josh Loftin
- Posted // 2010-01-15 -

Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack arrested for DUI Friday morning.

Killpack, R-Syracuse, was arrested Friday morning near 3300 South and 700 East, and booked into jail a couple of hours later, according to Robert Gehrke at The Salt Lake Tribune. He apparently refused a breathalyzer, so a blood test was run to determine his blood alcohol level.

Shortly after 1 p.m., a statement from Killpack was posted on the Senate Republican's website about the arrest. It reads:

"I am deeply sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and trust me -- my colleagues in the senate, my constituents and, most importantly, my family. I am a firm believer in responsibility and personal accountability, and am prepared to accept all personal, legal and political consequences for my actions."

In the 2009 session, Killpack was the sponsor of SB12 which gave the Driver's License Division more authority to suspend licenses for DUIs. He was also the Senate sponsor of HB151, which gave authorities an increased ability to seize vehicles after multiple DUI convictions.

Accompanying the statement from Killpack was a statement from Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville:

"Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack was arrested late Thursday night on suspicion of driving under the influence. Senator Killpack was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail and later released. The Utah Highway Patrol is working with the appropriate authorities on what is now a legal matter.

This is a difficult time for Senator Killpack and his family. He has requested privacy as he addresses the situation with those closest to him. When he and I spoke this morning he indicated he is accountable for his actions and I respect him for that. Senator Killpack has served this state, and the Senate, with distinction and he remains in our hearts and prayers."

The DUI for Killpack comes only days before the Legislature gets down to business. Budget subcommittees will meet next week, and the 2010 General Session begins a week from Monday.

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Posted // January 18,2010 at 12:07

Well said, ChiTown- It's an unfortunate turn of events in our country when we've turned on each other to the point that an admitted hypocrite and criminal is defended by someone who simply says, in effect, if the perp were a Democrat, we wouldn't know about this outrage from CW.

How about just concentrating on the facts, averagedunce? Isn't it enough to know the facts? You need to fantasize what the outcome would be from CW if this had happened to a Democrat?

Just go with reality, dude. Sounds like it's enough of a bitter, bitter pill for you to swallow already.


Posted // January 15,2010 at 15:37

The real underlying truth to this is, if this guy were a democrat it wouldn't be published on this site. And democrats claim they are the ones against censorship. Bullsh#@!


Posted // January 16,2010 at 16:54 - Lame comment, Averagedude You created a claim, called it the truth, cry about censorship, then censor yourself. That defines bullshit, dude.


Posted // January 16,2010 at 16:52 - Lame comment, Averagedude. You guess about something, call it the truth, and then claim bullshit on cityweekly while censoring yourself! Killpack wasn't just a Republican--he was head of the senate. He was outspoken on DUI. Now he has one. and you are a sheeple.


Posted // January 15,2010 at 13:15

Even though it should be, according to his own bill, I'll bet this asshole's license won't be suspended. That kind of stuff only applies to the rest of us.