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Envision Ogden official investigation report released

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2010-11-15 -

Last week I wrote about the ongoing investigation into Ogden's campaign finance scandal surrounding Envision Ogden. The report that I referred to in that story has now been released.

In short, critics alleged the mayor and other business people of soliciting donations from individuals, organizations and corporations under the guise that the donations would be used to celebrate outdoor-rec' businesses in Ogden and attract new ones, but instead the money was funneled/laundered through another group before a huge chunk of it ended up in the campaign coffers of a couple city councilman. Read more here: Envision Ogden: State Investigating Campaign Finance Scandal

I had agreed to embargo the report until Nov. 16, with the caveat that if it popped up anywhere else that I would also post it. It popped up on another website within the last hour. 

Utah State Bureau Investigation report on Envision Ogden campaign finance scandal


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