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Gay legislation to be introduced today?

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2010-03-08 -

update 4:30 p.m. 3/8/10: This has been revealed as a hoax. Read more here: Punk a Bull, You Get the Horns

A group calling itself Patriots for a Moral Utah will announce legislation at a 1 p.m. press conference today that would bring an "effective end to the tribulation in our blessed state." Hopefully not too good to be true--who doesn't want to end tribulation?--the press release states the legislation will deal with homosexuals who "continually force their choices and behaviors on us."

Besides naming the legislation "Utah Fair Solution," the press release offers no specifics on the legislation.

According to the press release,

In the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult and troublesome for the stead-fast and moral citizens of Utah to live their lives and their faith in peace, while the homosexuals continually force their choices and behaviors on us.

The press release is signed by Paul Jackson of Patriots for a Moral Utah.

Remember the moratorium? Supposedly the gay rights community was going to hold off on fair-housing and fair-employment legislation, and others, for at least one year if the anti-gay crowd would hold off on legislation that would irk the gay rights folks during that same time. That made just about everyone angry, but the anger subsided quickly as the 45-day Legislative session whipped into high gear.

Now, in the last week of the session, comes this press release. I don't know how seriously to take it. Smarter people than me: can someone even introduce legislation in the last week? Aren't there deadlines? Who is Paul Jackson and has anyone heard of Patriots for a Moral Utah before now? The press release names Nora Young as president. Anyone know her?

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Posted // March 8,2010 at 19:45

Chad, this is not anger, and if you are trying to make Utah a better place, then why don't you speak up?

Silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below. ~Roger Baldwin


Posted // March 8,2010 at 21:05 - Michelle: 1) It sounds like anger. Remember that no matter what you mean, it is your readers who ultimately decide what you said. 2) How do you know I don't speak up? Or even that I am not politically active? Please do not assume. Let me reiterate my original point: Other's anger (or whatever you would like to call it) often makes it harder for us who try to make things better. kthnxbye


Posted // March 8,2010 at 17:43

The sad thing is that none of the people I have talked to about this found it surprising. We all just figured it was more of "that's how Utah rolls." Deserved or not, those of us who don't live in Utah increasingly see it as a breathtakingly unwelcoming place.


Posted // March 8,2010 at 14:12

Does this mean an end to the really unsettling ads for Crossdresser Wigs and Realtors in CW?


Posted // March 8,2010 at 12:52

I think that we've been punkied. This looks like a hoax. The group has no web presence?


Posted // March 8,2010 at 11:12

I found it amusing that Patriots for a Moral Utah claim in their statement that moral citizens of Utah cannot live their lives and their faith in peace, while the homosexuals continually force their choices and behaviors on us. I am as straight a male as there is but haven't the hierarchy and members of a certain religious faith made it harder for others to live their lives and faiths in peace?


Posted // March 8,2010 at 12:38 - seriously - HOW many Gay people come to your house Trying to Convert opposed to Religious Groups that show up anytime/day/night - TRYING to Convert you? I think we know the answer.....Why can't these religious wack-jobs keep to themselves???? they are Trying to Chase ALL LGBT people OUT of UTAH? Seriously? It won't know why...? Cause LGBT people are BORN EVERYDAY/day in/day out/24/7...365 days a yr....TO HETEROSEXUAL PARENTS.


Posted // March 8,2010 at 11:32 - But that's different..see they are trying to save you so it's okay if they force their beliefs on you.