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Charges filed against alleged attackers of DJ Bell, Dan Fair

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2010-03-02 -

The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office has filed charges against individuals alleged to have attacked DJ Bell and Dan Fair on July 5, 2008. The case gained a lot of attention almost immediately after it occurred because the apparent victims of an attack--Bell and boyfriend Dan Fair, then of South Salt Lake--had to wait until Bell could defend himself against sketchy kidnapping charges before the obvious assault was charged by prosecutors. The charges include at least one first-degree felony.

City Weekly has followed the case every step of the way, from the initial attack, to the pretrial hearings, to daily updates of the trial (here, here, here, here, and here), to the post-acquittal fall-out (here, and here), to the time period while Bell was exonerated but authorities had not yet blamed anyone for the attack.

Supporters of Bell were convinced the kidnapping charges against him were bogus even before the trial. Some who were more cautious, however, mostly threw caution to the wind after the defense last year quite handily demonstrated that the key witness in the kidnapping case, one of the children's mothers, Lulu Latu, was lying or severely mistaken about the events of that night. Most notably, Latu testified that when she entered Bell's home she found both children, ages 2 and 4, in Bell's bedroom with Fair sleeping on the bed. Police photos from that night, Bell's defense attorneys showed during closing arguments, showed the alleged bedroom was only a storage room and contained no bed.

Jurors on the case against Bell called it a waste of tax payer money and said the wrong person was on trial.

Bell maintained both before and after the trial--he didn't testify--that he came upon the children unattended and offered them Kool-Aid. Both he and Fair were attacked shortly there after, they say, but precisely who participated in the attack has been yet to be determined.

The DA's office did not include defendants' names in their press release(see the update below). Contents of the press release: "SALT LAKE CITYAs a result of a thorough and ongoing investigation conducted by District Attorney Investigators and the South Salt Lake Police Department, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against seven individuals for their alleged roles in the assaults of David Bell and Dan Fair. The seven defendants are charged with a total of sixteen charges ranging from first degree felony AGGRAVATED BURGLARY to class A misdemeanor FALSE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO A PEACE OFFICER" (all caps and bold in the original).

3/2/2010 3:31 p.m. update: The defendants are Lisa Rita Aiono, 25; Marsha Rae Finau, 31; Angelina Janae Dibella, 31; Tapululululu "Lulu" Latu, 30; Ricky Ian Peace,33; Ietitaia Tavita Nuusila, 26; Ieti David Mageo, 32.

Download one of the charging documents to get a feel for the case, here (pdf).

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Posted // March 8,2010 at 16:57

Looks like the DA must be in a tough re-election race, and thinks to curry favor with the LGBT community by FINALLY charging the perps, rather than the victims. Sorry, Lohra, it's not gonna work.


Posted // March 4,2010 at 13:37

Lohra doing the right thing might not bring praise from any media outlet, Andelain. It's gotta bleed, be controversial, have to do with Deloy Hansen over at the Wells Fargo building, etc.

She's just doing her job at this point.

These gentle, South Pacific Islanders need to be prosecuted until their ears bleed. I love that each count was raised a notch (degree) because they acted as a group of gentle South Pacific Islanders rather than an individual tub o' brown love.

(sung to the tune of Louie, Louie)

Tapa-lulu-lu-why! Oh, big boy, goin' jail bruddah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! A Tapu-lulu-lu-why, oh, baby, gonna wear orange all day, boy! yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..

And then there are the agonzingly boring hours that crawl by like a tiny caterpillar. You've talked to your cellies until you all know every intimate detail of each other's lives, your desires, your fears, your triumphs...and then you realize that's it's only 1 pm on your first day in jail. Next, you discover that unless your family deposits hundreds of dollars a month into your commissary account so you can buy airport-priced saltine crackers and bean paste once a week, you're gonna get one sorta square meal about 4 pm and no seconds and nothing the rest of the day until 6 the next morning. Toothpaste becomes a delicacy among friends. No, no pig roasts, no hind quarter of a cow to share among your bruddah buddies. You can hang back after "dinner" is done and collect uneaten food off the other inmates trays sometimes. You'll go to bed, er, concrete slab with 2" foam pad, hungry and anxious every goddam night of your life while you're in.

When they are through with you in the first month, you'll wish to god you never dreamed of following that hysterical, drunken piece of shit over to Bell's place.

And, Tapalululululululu, who the fuck throws salt shakers?!?!?


Posted // March 3,2010 at 18:39

I wonder if the CW will give Lohra credit for doing something right...


Posted // March 2,2010 at 18:56

ITS ABOUT TIME! seriously!


and wtf .... tapululululu?

lulz! ;)


Posted // March 3,2010 at 09:14 - Ahhhhhh, hahahahahahahahaha! I thought the same thing this morning when I read the paper. Finally! Thugs goin' down! Hard! Apparently the charges were kicked up a notch on each of these creatures because it was a gang of cowards, not just an individual.One asshead threw a salt shaker at the victims, he was so verklempt and just needed to get all that gay-hating bile out of his system. Who throws a salt shaker?!?! And, boy, did he get some bad luck outta that deal. And it took my morning eyes/brain a second to sound out that last name, Tap-a-lulu-lulu. (sung to the tune of Louie, Louie!)Tap-a-lulu-lu-why! Oh, big boy! You goin' to jail now! Yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah...