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America Forever has got your crazy

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2009-11-13 -

America Forever is back with a fax campaign--they claim over 80,000 have been sent--in which they argue the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supported two Salt Lake City non-discrimination ordinances only so it could obtain an exemption from the gay rights ordinances.

"The LDS CHURCH (caps in the original) needed to protect itself and attain its exemption, or as they say politically, religion needed to be 'carved out,'" the America Forever flyer states. "If they had not gotten the exemption, who knows what else was at stake, the church would be placed in a very delicate and vulnerable position to receive more attacks." Click here for the whole thing (pdf).

Those attacks would be from gay employees who could not be fired, naturally. 

But this view is truly unhinged from reality, says Equality Utah Executive Director Brandie Balken. Contemporary non-discrimination proposals nearly always contain a religious exemption from the start. 

"Even if you look at the workplace (non-discrimination) bills we've run on the hill, there's always a religious exemption in it," Balkan said. "Even ENDA (the federal Employee Non-Discrimination Act) has a religious exemption."

There's all sorts of other flaming-head craziness in the following video, which the fax instructs you to watch (it tells you to search on YouTube for "obama killer song"). This is the funniest thing I've seen all week. 

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