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Church spared nat'l kiss-in

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2009-07-22 -

I don't know which is bigger news: that Salt Lake City activists' Kiss-In concept has prompted a call for a national Kiss-In scheduled for Aug. 15, or that at least one organizer of that national demonstration proposed targeting "Mormon churches" all across the country with all those smooches.

It appears the organizers have ditched the "Mormon church" idea and are now calling for Kiss-Ins in any public place.

Activist and blogger David Badash wrote on New Civil Rights Movement July 13 that "Mormon churches" should be targeted by the Kiss-In.

And it’s important we do it in an organized, public, non-confrontational, but well-publicized manner. Which means, in front of Mormon Churches.

The national Kiss-In will be protesting the harassment of three gay couples since February who have had run-ins with the law as a result of PDAs, including Salt Lake City's Jones/Aune who were detained by LDS Church security July 10. The other two incidents had no known LDS connection.

Join The Impact has information on a Aug. 15 Boston Kiss-In and promises more will be scheduled.

A Kiss-In at San Diego's LDS Temple is scheduled for tonight.

I wonder if SLC kissers have any juice left Aug. 15 for what would be this city's third Kiss-In in about a month.

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Posted // July 23,2009 at 09:48

Don't forget to do a dog walk through your local Mosque or a pork roast BBQ at the synagogue. What else can we organize that foists an opinion on others? How about getting it on in the pope's bedroom oh yeah. I love diversity when it fits within a defined parameter and doesn't deviate into a person's right to believe in religion. Kudos to all of you diverse people that want us all to behave like you


Posted // July 22,2009 at 20:12

I always love it when hamfisted clods from the predominant religion/culture whine about being persecuted. Precious! "What about our rights?" they cry. Let me clue you in on something, do not have a right to NOT be offended. If you see an obviously gay couple on the street and they are holding hands or gawd forbid kissing, there is no law requiring you to sit and stare at them while they do. In fact, if you did that it raises more serious questions about your inner turmoil than it does of the couple you're oggling.

Grow a pair and learn to get along in a diverse society. I promise, it won't kill you nor will it cause you to lose your testimony.


Posted // July 23,2009 at 09:52 - Just for fun what is diverse about thinking the same as you? The mormons exist in a small area of the world where it is absolutely unique. Is that not diverse enough? If they want to believe in fairy tales of Kolob and Celestial this or that what does it matter to you? Anywhere else in the world Mormons are unheard of or a complete oddity, and you want to beat them down for enjoying the one place they can be themselves. You are so incredibly diverse and accepting of other people's beliefs it is neato


Posted // July 22,2009 at 17:59

Since you feel the need to represent all the gay people then please dress nice. Please use proper English and don't be total jerk off schmucks! Please I beg of you have some class when you do this since you feel the need to represent and speak for all the hardworking and respectable people that are gay and have been working so hard for decades to get to a point where you can act like a fool and ruin it for the real gay people that want to be a part of society not a segmented group of society!


Posted // July 22,2009 at 17:10

I think picking on minorities is absolute evil please leave the mormons alone and let them enjoy their beliefs! Do you want to be a part of their religion or something? I like to avoid people who don't like me not beg for them to like me or accept me. Please develop self esteem and revel in your own glory. remember there are way more gays than mormons so you are the bullies not the mormons


Posted // July 22,2009 at 16:41

Right dabast, and arc if you would take a moment and research before you would comment, then you would notice that the "report" that the Church released to the press GREATLY exaggerates the original report from the Church and the police report. I can't believe that people are so blindly following the "official report" of the Church and not looking into any other sides of the story. Besides, there were only a handful of people who were actually there, and without video footage (which I am sure the Curch has but will not release it) I am going to rely on testimony of the folks who were actually involved. AND, if you knew Derek or Matt, you would know that that just doesn't fit.