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Wine Wednesday: Carol Shelton Coquille Blanc

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2013-09-04 - Carol Shelton is a Santa Rosa winemaker who specializes in really great Zinfandels. However, I'm also a huge fan of her white wines, especially Carol Shelton Coquille Blanc 2010 ($15.99).

If you regularly read this blog or my Drink column in City Weekly, you know that I’m a sucker for Rhone-style white-wine blends such as the Tablas Creek wine I highlighted last week. Well, before summer disappears on us, here's another really great warm-weather sipper that hits all the right notes.

Coquille Blanc is a Grenache Blanc/Roussanne/Viognier combo with gorgeous white-peach and pear aromas and exotic fruit flavors on the palate, with hints of almond and honeysuckle.

This is a very versatile wine that will pair beautifully with a wide range of foods, but especially pork and chicken dishes. Interestingly, I tried it recently with clam chowder and it totally rocked!

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Posted // September 4,2013 at 20:38

How do you get the Carol Shelton in Utah? I can't find it. Except at a select restaurants.


Posted // September 5,2013 at 18:02 - John, some of Carol's wines are readily available here. I just bought some "Wild Thing" Zinfandel last week. I'm not sure about the Coquille Blanc, since it's been awhile since I bought it. Hers is a small production winery, so some products might come and go pretty quickly.