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Wine Wednesday: Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2013-07-17 -

The other evening, I was preparing a batch of pasta with clam sauce and pondering what to drink with it. Then, I remembered that I had a bottle of Italian wine in my wine cooler that I hadn't tried yet: Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana 2011 ($20). Bingo! It turned out to be a very, very good match for the pasta.

For some 35 years, Italy's Terlato and Francheschi families have partnered to make excellent Tuscan wines under the Mazzoni label. This particular white wine -- Bianco di Toscana 2011 -- is an unoaked blend of hand-harvested grapes: 75% Vermentino and 25% Chardonnay.

I really love this wine. It's got aromas of crisp, ripe pears and green apples, with the bright fruit flavors that you expect from Vermentino. The Chardonnay adds body, depth and acidity that makes Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana a really great partner for seafood dishes, like my orecchiette with clams.

Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana really is a super Tuscan!

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Posted // July 19,2013 at 08:40

Thanks for the explanation Ted.  I may have to put in a special order or 2 and get some of the Brassfield.  Now I keep 2 wine lists, one for Utah and another for "vacation wines".  I look forward to your next tasting!


Posted // July 18,2013 at 14:24

Ted, I enjoy your indepth reviews of various wines on Wine Wednesdays but as far as I can tell this wine is not available in Utah, which is very frustrating!  This is the second wine that has received favorable reviews but is unavailable here, the other being the Brassfield Pinot Gringio.  Is there some secret source you have for obtaining these wines?  Keep up the good work!


Posted // July 18,2013 at 16:06 - Sonnydog, I appreciate your comment. It is true that I sometimes write about wines that aren't available in Utah, because I have a lot of national and international readers and I travel and drink wines out of state. So, I don't always want to be Utah-centric. However, I should mention for the Utah audience when wines aren't available here. I also always assume (maybe I shouldn't) that people know they can special order wines that aren't listed in the state through the DABC. Also, sometimes the wines I write about were available in Utah but then were sold out or whatever, like the Brassfield. It's hard to keep track of the DABC inventory. Again, thanks for the feedback!