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Wine Wednesday: Adami @ Naked Fish

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2013-02-06 -

Here is an upcoming wine reception and dinner that promises to be lots of fun. On Friday, Feb. 22, Adami Winery and Naked Fish Japanese Bistro will team up to host a dinner featuring Adami Prosecco and Naked Fish's contemporary Asian fare.

Prosecco -- Italy's iconic sparkling wine -- is meant to be enjoyed with fresh, simple food. According from the folks at Adami -- one of Italy's most lauded producers of Prosecco -- "In Venice, it's a pastime to wander from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant, sipping Prosecco and nibbling on fresh and cooked seafood."

So, the fresh and cooked fish at Naked Fish is a natural partner for Adami Prosecco.

The evening kicks off with a reception and nibbles, beginning at 6, followed by dinner from 7 to 9. According to the organizers, THIS IS NOT A SUSHI DINNER. NO ROLLS will be served. Dinner will include sashimi, nigiri and yakitori, paired with four Adami wines, from "bone-dry to dry to off-dry to Adami's famed Vigneto Giardino bottling," from the appellation's first designated Cru site.

The cost per person for dinner is $40, plus $25 for the optional wine pairings.

Phone 801-595-8888 for reservations. The event will be limited to 40 guests.

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Posted // March 2,2013 at 23:51

Naked Fish constantly get's very high marks on <a href="http://www. utah-sushi-roll. com/naked-fish-japanese-bistro-utah-sushi/">Utah Sushi Roll</a>.   They have very fresh ingredients and it's not your typical brand name soy sauce on the table.   They take time to do the little extras that set them appart from the rest.