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Unsacred Brews Launch in Ogden and SLC

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2013-01-31 -

A new line of 3.2% beers (4.0% ABV) will soon be available in Utah stores and on tap at local bars and restaurants under the moniker of Unsacred Brewing. Unsacred initially will brew four beers for sale within the state: Priesthood Ale, The Vision Lager, Unfaithful IPA and Rimando's Wit. 

According to an Unsacred press release, the motive behind the new brewery goes something like this: "It seems the Church and State so controlled the people that unsacred acts were committed against themselves, the beer and the oppressors alike -- and with that, Unsacred Brewing was born." 

Unsacred kicked things off last night with a pub crawl in Ogden and Layton at Boston's, Rainbow Saloon, Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria, and Brewskis.

Tonight, Jan. 31, a Salt Lake City pub crawl featuring Unfaithful IPA will begin at Bar-X at 5, and continue to Poplar Street Pub at 7, The Beerhive at 9, and wind up at Piper Down at 11.

Bottled beers from Unsacred will be available in stores beginning in March of 2013.  

Photo courtesy of Unsacred Brewing

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