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Wine Wednesday: Women Who Wine

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2012-01-04 -

Meditrina Small Plates & Wine Bar has become a comfy, friendly haven for wine lovers. That's especially true of the informal, low-key, monthly wine socials hosted by Meditrina. And, it's even more true when popular wine enthusiast Anne Dorsey hosts the wine events. According to Meditrina co-owner Jennifer Gilroy, "Our customers have fallen in love with Anne!" 

Well, ladies (and gents), mark your calendars for Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m. That's when Meditrina and Anne Dorsey will host a special "Women Winemakers Social," featuring delectable food and wine pairings including wines from Honig, Three Rivers, Domaine Carneros and Bergevin Lane. 

The cost for the Women Winemakers Social is $20 for the food and $20 for the optional wine pairings.

Seating is very limited and advance reservations are mandatory. Call 801-485-2055 to RSVP.  

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Posted // January 4,2012 at 11:09 Another "chicks only" gathering. Boring!


Posted // January 4,2012 at 13:02 - Oh, I know I could go, Ted. They wouldn't refuse me because I'm a dude but I seriously doubt it would provide an atmosphere conducive to my personal enjoyment. This thing, I imagine, as far as dudes go, is for a different kind of dude. I love and respect the ladies, grew up with a house full of them, but I also know that I prefer a mixed agenda (and crowd) and am always confused by "all women" anything, like all female marathons or all female writer's workshops; shit like that. I'm probably just an asshole in that I see myself downing glass after glass at this thing just to tolerate the conversation. I doubt $20 bucks would cover my necessary consumption. But again, you know, I'm probably just being an asshole and am alone in my opinion. I haven't yet eaten at Meditrina but I have heard many wonderful things.


Posted // January 4,2012 at 12:41 - Duke, you can go! The wines featured are from women winemakers, but I don't believe men are excluded from the social.