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Petrossian Caviar @ Market St.

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2011-12-29 -

For me, it simply wouldn't be New Year's Eve without two things: caviar and Champagne. This year, I plan to indulge in Petrossian caviar, now available right here in SLC.  

For this holiday season, Market Street Fresh Fish Markets have made special arrangements to carry two choices of domestic caviar from Petrossian, the importers and purveyors who first introduced caviar to Paris in the 1920s.

According to Market Street's Tom Guinney, "We have selected these beautiful varieties, both delicious and affordable, to meet most preferences and tastes." The two varieties available are:

Royal Transmontanus Caviar, in tins from $70 (1.06 oz.) to $280 (4.4 oz.), is produced by sustainable white sturgeon, native to California. It's an elegant caviar, evoking the flavor of Osetra, with a smooth, nutty flavor (my favorite).

Classic Transmontanus Caviar, in tins from $55 (1.06 oz.) to $225 ($4.4 oz.), which is similar to the Royal, but smaller and darker grey in color, with bold, lush flavor.

To make sure you have caviar for New Year's, call your local Market Street Fresh Fish Market to order in advance.  

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