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Labor Day Lobsters

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2011-09-01 -

Living on the East Coast, for me Labor Day was always synonymous with lobsters -- lobster boils, lobster bakes, lobsters on the grill, steamed ... Well, living in landlocked Utah doesn't mean I can't get my Labor Day lobster fix, thanks to Market Street Fish Markets.

Starting today and continuing through Labor Day, local Market Street Fish Markets (Cottonwood, South Jordan, University) are having their annual Labor Day lobster sale. Whole live or cooked (your choice) Maine lobsters are on sale for $11.99 each, regularly $20.

I suggest calling ahead to place an order since supplies are limited.

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Posted // September 9,2011 at 10:22 Nice Ted, except Labor Day is OVER --- it hath passed.
This helpful insights is as worthless as the tip of Mexican grilled chicken at a place on North Temple that doesn't exist.
Quality Ted - not quanity (otherwise we can just read the two leading high school papers, the Trib and Desert News.
Oh how I long for my birthday lobster at The Palms.


Posted // September 12,2011 at 11:00 - Furthermore, I have no idea what chicken place on N. Temple you're referring to. I don't recall writing about such a place.


Posted // September 9,2011 at 10:48 - Dude. First off, get your own title and leave mine alone. I don't want people confusing us.
Secondly, this article came out on the 1st, meaning there was plenty of pre-Labor Day reading time, meaning it was plenty helpful to those that read it when it came out.


Posted // September 1,2011 at 11:39 Great reminder . I went over to SJ resturant last year on Labor Day and they ran out.


Posted // September 9,2011 at 11:06 - This "article" appeared in today's email blast --- if these folks can't keep "electronic" separated from "print", they deserve to be told.
As for the name friend, there was, is and will always be only one Duke and is John Wayne.
Get over it