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Donovan's = Kaput

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2010-10-06 -

Donovan's Steak & Chop House on Pierpont Avenue in downtown Salt Lake City has officially closed. I've known about the pending closure for a while, but honored the management's request to keep that information in confidence until the affected employees were notified. 

It's a shame that Donovan's has been forced to close "due to economic reasons." I was there a few nights ago and the place was very busy. Still, high-end restaurants in Salt Lake City are a tough sell, especially a steak house when there are at least four other steak houses just a short walk from Donovan's. 

Manager Casey Bulkley is devoting his time at present helping to find work for Donovan's employees who lost their jobs, which included him. He's a terrific general manager, if you know anybody looking for one. The service staff at Donovan's was excellent. You could built a new restaurant around them. 

Here is a link to a review review and video I did about Donovan's - for the memories...

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Posted // October 8,2010 at 08:32

Re: Sea Salt. Ted I tried your recommendation. The food was very good and OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Pasta, a green salad and iced tea cost $34. Add the tip and lunch for one was $40. I feel the same about Paris, nice restaurant but WTF with the price? I won't be dining there again.

But I do encourage people to stop in and see the restaurant, it is beautiful.


Posted // October 8,2010 at 10:51 - This is a challenge Ted faces in that he probably wants to cover all the good restaurants, even those that are out of range for most City Weekly readers, it seems. I believe he has to treat The Metropolitan's $13 braised rabbit personal pizza the same as a great $4 cheeseburger in Eden even though the chances that CW readers are gonna run out and buy a $13 rabbit pizza are next to nil and Ted probably already knows that. Tourists and business travelers, maybe.


Posted // October 6,2010 at 14:20

Isn't ACME Burger closing too?


Posted // October 7,2010 at 17:20 - Uh, it should be further noted that I am sitting here with my foot in my mouth. After telling my sister what I had written here, she wasn't terribly pleased with me. See, I'm just that protective type, and should mind my business more often. My sister said that, while what I wrote was true, the owner of Acme has always been very good to her and that she loves the dude and that he's been a fine friend in supporting her endeavors. What I wrote was my opinion only and should not reflect on the owner as he wasn't the one that stole money or art. This happened while he was out of town and was out of his control. I believe that he also told her that he would try and help her out later when he could. So, sorry about polluting your blog post with this stuff. I shouldn't have. Feel free to erase it if you like.


Posted // October 7,2010 at 14:25 - Yeah, it does suck. It should be noted that my sister and ACME's owner have always been amicable with each other and are now. I don't think he just shrugged her off, but he didn't do the right thing, either (in my opinion). Her feelings were hurt more than anything else. Of course, being an artist, she could have used the money she was owed, probably more than the thief that took it. I told her that this could be taken as a compliment as there is lots of "art" hanging around town that nobody would ever want to steal.


Posted // October 7,2010 at 11:07 - Well, that certainly sucks... I'll try to get to the bottom of the mystery.


Posted // October 7,2010 at 08:44 - All I know is that the owner of Acme left town for a month or more, leaving the operation to an incompetent manager, which led to the closing somehow. That's the excuse the owner gave, anyway. I know this because my sister was showing art there at the time. When the owner returned, he called my sister to pick her art up because he said he didn't know when the doors would close. My sister had sold two pieces, one of which had been paid for by a server there. The server paid the manager, the manager didn't give the money to my sister and she didn't learn that the painting had been paid for until the owner came back to tell her that his burger joint was closing. The manager later denied receiving the money and the server was so horrified to learn my sister hadn't been paid that he offered to give the painting back (she didn't take it, of course). In addition to somebody stealing the money, another painting was stolen from the wall and nobody there will say where it went. Nobody there, including the owner, has offered to make things right by her. What does this have to do with food? No much, but if Acme reopens, maybe they'll consider making things right.


Posted // October 6,2010 at 15:01 - I keep getting vague emails from Acme about their impending "reopening." So, stay tuned.