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Got Catfish?

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2010-09-25 -

It's catfish Saturday! Every Saturday, Spoony & Nata's Down Home Cafe hosts Catfish Supper Saturdays.

$8.50 gets you fried catfish with French fries or potato salad, a slice of cake and a drink - all day long on Saturdays from noon to 7:00 PM. 

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Posted // October 16,2010 at 20:56

Hi Ted, i just to say that because of your way too kind words for Spoony and Nata's, i went there with ur first review, and high expetaions that they would have real soul food well to my surprise it was (let me put this lighty) not good at all and for twenty dollars for two pieces of fish and four shrimp that i could have made so much better was hurtfull to me as a soul food eater. I was also meet by the door a crack head asking for a buck. I am not even going to ask you if u wwent to the rest room omg!!!!! I guess i am going to have to cook up some real down home cooking and bring u over a plate. I loved the Red maple leaf, i have been trying all that you say is good!