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Sea Salt: First Look

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2010-08-23 -

Eric DeBonis' Sea Salt restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner, right across the street from the now-shuttered Emigration Market. If Eric's name sounds familiar, you might know him as owner of The Paris Bistro and Zinc Bar. Sea Salt is a beautiful, but casual space -- open and airy with wide swatches of white everywhere. Clean is the adjective that comes to mind. The semi-communal tables are a nice touch.


The Sea Salt menu is extensive, with many dishes based on DeBonis' Italian grandmother's recipes. The meatballs and ravioli, for example, carry the name "Nonna Maria." 


I'm very fussy about Margherita pizzas and this one is killer -- a new Margherita player in town. There are two versions of the Margherita at Sea Salt: The more economical ($9.95) features San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and fior di latte cheese made from cow's milk. The high-end Napoletana Margherita D.O.P. ($14.95) is the same as the regular pizza except it's made with fresh buffalo mozzarella, and it is terrific.


Sea Salt is located at 1709 E. 1300 South. Phone 801-349-1480 for reservations. Closed Sundays.

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Posted // September 5,2010 at 14:52

Tried Sea Salt for the second time last night. We had the same problem as my first visit...the service and timing was energetically off. I really want this restaurant to succeed...great location, beautiful decor, nice menu. But the 8 of us that dined there last night were appalled at the lack of training, knowledge and, quite frankly, kindness of the wait staff caused us all to agree a subsequent visit probably won't happen unless major changes are made. My business used a local consultant to change the energy of my staff and it made all the difference in the success of my business. I hope Sea Salt is open enough to make major changes too. Busboys were great, though. Funny in a way.


Posted // April 25,2011 at 22:10 - I was told the wait staff is watched at all times with cameras by the owner and maybe that is why the service was off. I wonder how many of them are still there after this many months. I am always looking for a local restaurant to frequent, but after several people have warned me about this one I have been reluctant to try it. I think I will stick with Zuccas in Ogden where the food is fabulous and the wait staff are efficient and friendly. Oh that includes Chef Elio too.


Posted // September 15,2010 at 23:34 - What an odd reply. Seems like you have anger're not the owner, are you? Because it seems like how the wait staff is trained...with attitude.


Posted // September 15,2010 at 23:04 - Are you $?#$@ for real? Get a life Michele, They just opened 8 weeks ago and there is such a void for what they are doing they are inundated with self-proclaimed "foodies" from Zion like yourself to the point of exhaustion! If you don't try it again because they were not into your groove two months out of the docks then you are doing yourself a grave disfavor. This place is nothing like Utah has seen before!!!!! Its what you all want but just don't understand......


Posted // August 23,2010 at 17:15

Beautiful restaurant. Hate the communal tables. Always bothered me about Paris Bistro.


Posted // August 24,2010 at 10:35 - I agree on the "communal tables," or as I refer to them, prison cafeterias. There's nothing quite as unsettling than sitting next to total strangers who eyeball everything you say or do. Then, they start acting uncomfortable and quiet and no one wants to make eye contact and everyone starts becoming more and more embarassed and avoidance-oriented. And that's just in prison. When you mix in alcohol and dates, it gets worse.