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Happy Monkey Hummus

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2010-06-25 -

At the Park Silly Market this past weekend I came across a vendor selling terrific homemade hummus: Happy Monkey Hummus.  The all-natural hummus comes in a variety of flavors and sells for $6 per 8 oz. tub. Although I liked the original flavor and roasted tomato the best, other delicious flavors include pesto, Margarita (tastes just like a Margarita!), roasted garlic, chipotle and fire-roasted pepper with orange and yellow bell peppers.

In addition to the Park Silly Market on Sundays, you can also find Happy Monkey Hummus at the Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

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Posted // July 2,2010 at 09:21

Holy crap. Six bucks for one cup of pureed chickpeas.


Posted // July 24,2010 at 01:21 - I would think that if you had tasted this wonderful stuff, you'd realize it is worth the price. LOVE Happy Monkey!


Posted // July 6,2010 at 09:28 - Glad you think so, David. I believe farmer's market purveyors should focus on offering healthy foods and products at approachable prices. Isn't that the idea behind a people's market? no middlemen or grocery stores included in the process, thereby avoiding inflated food costs? The food cost ratio for hummus sold at $6 per cup is very favorable to the purveyor - I'd wager they're pulling in $4 dollars profit (probably more) per container. I'm not saying it's a bad product and I'm not saying the purveyors are bad folks. I'm just saying that I believe this price is anything but fair to the average customer.


Posted // July 5,2010 at 21:19 - The $6 is worth every penny for a local, organic, and extremely well tasting product packaged in a corn plastic container. Plus, they will sell you two containers for $10.


Posted // July 2,2010 at 12:29 - Good point, Mamba. I don't think I could stomach shopping at a market called Park Silly. I definitely couldn't stomach spending six bucks on one cup of hummus. This kind of reminds me of that lavender flavored vegan yogurt I tried a while back. Shit cost me, what was it?, about four bucks for two ounces, I believe. Think it was in a four ounce container, but was only half full. If I recall correctly, it came to one dollar per tablespoon. I won't discuss the taste or texture.


Posted // July 2,2010 at 10:00 - Well, it is called the Park Silly Market.


Posted // July 1,2010 at 17:15

I love Monkey Hummus! So good to see everyone else is getting the opportunity to experience their fantastic flavors!!!