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National Burger Month

by Ted Scheffler
- Posted // 2010-05-06 -

May is National Burger Month -- like, we need another excuse to indulge in the Holy Hamburger. Well, I've weighed in periodically with thoughts on some of my favorite burgers, from In-N-Out and Dick's to Acme and TonyBurgers. Now it's your turn.

What burgers do you love? What burgers do you loathe? Where will you be celebrating National Burger Month?

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Posted // May 10,2010 at 08:23


Add a four dollar fry to that seven dollar burger and you've just spent eleven bucks on a burger meal. Yep, too expensive. I can do better for much less.

I don't buy meat at Smiths. I try not to buy industrial, line processed meat.

Good beef can be found locally. Good bison can be found at Maddox, where they sell third pound patties for a fair price. I don't know about elk, but if I had some, I don't think I'd grind it and eat it on a bun.


Posted // May 7,2010 at 16:01

Easy Street Brasserie in Park City does the ham-burger one better, well two-better. They have on their new summer menu a lamb burger and a buffalo burger. Beef is for beginners!

ESB Burger:

Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon, Blue Cheese,Red Onion and Roasted Garlic 11.00

Colorado Lamb Burger:

Feta, Shaved Onion, Tomato & Tzatziki 11.00

Buffalo Burger:

Green Chile, Cotija Cheese, Chipotle Aioli 11.00


Posted // May 6,2010 at 16:49

The holy grail of burgers in salt lake is the garlic burger at the cottonbottom


Posted // May 6,2010 at 16:21

Riches Mighty Fine Burgers & Grub is hands down one of the BEST burgers I've ever had! Located downtown in the heart of SLC - Rich himself can be found behind the counter grilling up these fine hand made patties. In addition, they have the most amazing Queso French Fries - so good!


Posted // May 6,2010 at 10:28

OHMYGOD! Why do you hate planet Earth!? Are you seriously promoting methane spewing, forest clearing, water polluting, grain eating, cute looking cows as food? And especially during your current "green" issue?;-)

When I eat them, once every two months or less, I usually make my own with good beef. I make my own fries to go with, as well.

I like blue-bacon burgers. I like roasted poblano-cheddar burgers. I like a burger with a fresh tomato slice, mustard and sliced dill pickles.

I dislike most chain burgers. I dislike extremely thick burgers. I like In-N-Out from what I can remember of them. I've never had an Acme burger as I refuse to spend that kind of cash on something I can make as good or better. I think Maddox in Brigham City makes a pretty good junkfood burger, with the emphasis on junkfood. My wife likes the Buffalo burger at Wild Grape but again, that's an expensive effing burger.


Posted // May 10,2010 at 08:23 - John, Answer's down there somewhere...


Posted // May 9,2010 at 21:23 - Oh. And Acme has, hands down, the best veggie burger I've ever tasted. And their Monday menu is half vegetarian. No, I don't work there.


Posted // May 9,2010 at 21:20 - Seriously? Acme's best selling burger is under $7. Is that expensive? Also, I don't know where you can get better beef than they buy, unless you know the farmer. That said, they certainly do have some more costly burgers, but good luck finding bison, elk or Kobe beef at your local Smiths.


Posted // May 6,2010 at 22:07 - Black Mamba: I've had my eye on those Dairy Queen burgers for a while now. With your imprimatur, I am SO there!


Posted // May 6,2010 at 15:00 - And I'm with you about BIG burgers, no thanks. God, there's nothing more unappetizing than a hamburger that features a patty the size of a truck tire and it takes three days to digest. I think it should be ONE of the ingredients, not the only thing you see or taste.


Posted // May 6,2010 at 12:12 - If you haven't already, Mamba, you should try Maddox when you next make it up north. Their burgers are very much fifties-style as I understand it. In fact, you can only get them via drive-up (not drive-through), where you can take them to go or eat them from the window tray. And they raise their own beef, which is a bonus. I'll try those Dairy Queen burgers in Holladay when I get a chance. Man, I'm hungry.


Posted // May 6,2010 at 11:42 - I frequent a little Dairy Queen in Holladay and for $3 I can get two cheeseburgers with onions, lettuce, pickle, mustard, ketchup and tomato. And they are the best 2 burgers for $3 that I've ever had! They have nothing in common with McDonald's-type cheesebrugers. These are right out of the 50's. Mmmm-Mmmm, make my mouth water. Back in the day, we used to drag State Street with a 6-pack in the trunk and Don Carlos on 9th South as a stop. That burger and fries was out of the world!