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Jazz's Guys' Night Out deal is lame, vaguely offensive

by Rachel Piper
- Posted // 2012-11-01 -

Ticket sales for the Jazz have been down in recent years, thanks to a few lackluster seasons and high-profile departures of coaches and players, but don't worry: The savvy marketing team has come up with a gangbuster idea to get more people men to attend games: dudes, bro!

Every Wednesday home game will henceforth be designated as a guys' night out at EnergySolutions Arena. The air will be choked with the scent of testosterone and pizza, and the sounds of fist-bumps and towel-snaps will reverberate throughout the arena. Sports-hatin' girlfriends and wives (is there any other kind?) can stay home and have a Scentsy party, bake, eat salad, wash their hair—you know, the stuff women daydream about doing when they've been dragged to yet another sporting event with their partners, who would probably rather be high-fiving each other anyway.

It is a pretty good deal; buying four $18 tickets gets you four pizzas, since guys love pizza as much as they love beer, sports, scratching themselves, and whatever else Tim Allen has made his millions on. But there are still some unanswered questions here: Where are the seats? Are they nosebleeds? Is this just a ploy to turn the upper deck into a man pile? And, if this follows nightclub tradition, in which "ladies' nights" end up attracting the skeeziest dudes, won't this deal simply attract a bunch of chicks—exactly what the ESA apparently doesn't want to see on a Wednesday?

Baris Otuzsekiz has yet another question, on the Jazz's Facebook page: "What guys'night out mean' s ?"

Luckily, Jose Carlos Lazalde was there to answer: "Guys' night out means leave your girlfriend at home and go out with your guy friends."

If it's still not clear, this Coors instructional video explains what exactly a guys' night out involves:

(Money quote: Woman: "Guys just wanna have fun?" Guy: "That's right.")

But the real question here is: WHY is this package a guys' night out? The Salt Lake Bees (ladies: they play baseball, a sport that is way more boring than basketball) has theme nights, but none are gender-specific (the deals aren't advertised on their site, but to my recollection, they have family nights that come with free hotdogs, cheap beer nights, buy-one-ticket-get-one-free nights, etc.).

And as much as I love washing my hair and eating salad, I also love the Jazz (and pizza). I won't go into my Jazz history to cheesily prove that to you, since the only thing rivaling the lameness of the cliches about guys and sports are the desperate anecdotes women tell guys to prove that they love sports JUST AS MUCH as anyone else ("I asked for a baseball mitt instead of a doll for my 8th birthday!" "When I was still a fetus, my father took me to meet John Stockton at a mall event!").

I'm not ready to go protest in front of EnergySolutions or anything, but this deal, which was promoted on my Facebook feed today, does press a few of my Offended buttons. Can't the Jazz boost attendance without alienating 50 percent of their potential ticket buyers?

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Posted // November 8,2012 at 14:08

I have lived with a dedicated 'sports chick' for 10 years. She will get involved and become emotional over a high school football game that pops up for 3 seconds while I'm channel surfing trying to get away from it. She knows Roger Federer's kids' birthdates and knows who the QB is for every NFL team, it seems.

She wouldn't care one twit that I would go with three of my pals to a Jazz game or a poker game or a golf game or a chess game, as long as she can do the same thing when she feels like it. And we go together when it's convenient and we both want to attend.

Methinks Rachel isn't being all that serious, perhaps a bit of faux-outrage to create a voice to write with, that's all.

And really, don't 'bro' me if you don't know me. It's insulting.


Posted // November 3,2012 at 10:34

Did this story get posted to some dude bro forum? Because there seems to be an awful lot of dude bros commenting here. I thought the story was funny, nothing more than that. Relax dude bros, no will be taking away your bro night.  


Posted // November 3,2012 at 09:45

WOW are you kidding me?!?! Of course a girl wrote this article. . . your a joke why don't you get a REAL writing job and write about something that actually matters. What couldn't find anything else to write about you had to do a story about a really good deal the jazz are offering this year??

I went to the jazz opening night 10/31/12 with my GIRLFRIEND who wanted to go more then I did(Yes she enjoys going to the games just as much as me. . and imagine that she is a girl. . ) also went with my friend and his girlfriend. we purchased tickets for $13 dollars a piece that included a free hot dog. . this deal they are offering is similar to that. Yes it is call guys night out BUT that doesn't mean ONLY guys can go. . wow that's rocket science right there. that is just how they are marketing the fact that you MUST buy 4 tickets to get the deal. . .

I purchased the deal for the Lakers game this week and I am going with my GIRLfriend and her MOTHER and father. Just cause its called guys night out Wednesdays DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO TAKE ALL GUYS. and the seats actually are pretty good. we are front row on the upper bowl. These tickets by themselfs are over $90 a piece. I love this deal they are offering cause I am able to take my girlfriend and her family to the game and only cost me $80. which is lower then the price of ONE ticket. So why don't you get your head out of your ass and write a real story about something that actually matters instead of ripping on an awesome deal the Jazz are putting on. . . . Jeez


Posted // November 2,2012 at 14:01

What's the big deal about having a "guy's night?"  If not mistaken, most teams in the NBA offer the same thing.  

Could you imagine what kind of backlash there would be if the Jazz offered a "ladie's night?"  I'm sure writers like yourself would jump all over that and make up a story to go with it.

Look, I get that you're trying to pretend you are offended by an organization trying a new strategy but isn't there bigger problems in the world than this.  

Here's a good "controversial" story that matters:  The NYC marathon was stil put on after the city's worst natural disaster.   Pulling city workers and police officers away from important cleanup acts to coordinate a race.   That seems like something to be worked up about.


Posted // November 2,2012 at 13:47

I dont agree with Ray, but you are a better writer than this article shows. There are a lot of teams in all of sports that do guys nights out, what is the big deal? I guess that as a "dude, bro" I will never understand.