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by Leo Dirr
- Posted // 2009-11-23 -

We're City Weekly. We make videos.

Lord knows we watch videos. No, not those kind of videos, freakos!

And now we'd like to share our fascination with online videos with you, our lovely, soon-to-be loyal video viewers. Bless you!

Each week, we send out a video newsletter featuring some of our finest work and some of the tightest junk from around the Web as well. That's how freaking fanatical we are!

We mostly do it because we love you. And because we're bored and lonely.

So, how do you sign up? Simple, pimple, lemon dimple!

Just click on the link below. Provide your name and e-mail in the appropriate boxes and hit submit. Leave the rest to us. We're professionals. Or at least semi-pros.

Here's the link, freakos.

Sign up for video newsletter now.

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