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Glad You Asked

Glad You Asked: Blueprint and Illogic, Ludacris and Nappy Roots

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2013-08-15 -

Dear GYA, It seems that actress Kristen Stewart will be attending UCLA in the fall to major in English. Yep, no other career path guarantees a stress-free and happy lifestyle like becoming an English major. As my adviser once said, "It's your ticket to financial independence." Anything happening tonight after I build a lean-to and eat leftover spaghetti from this trash can? - Michelle Snyderstein, English Major graduate 

Michelle, I have no regrets when it comes to getting an English degree. My hands have turned into weird, claw-shaped typing jabbers and my clothes let others know I'm just two bad decisions away from living with my parents. Here's what's up for today:

Legendary Columbus, Ohio-based rappers Blueprint and Illogic will be at The Project tonight. Local acts Dine Krew and Dumb Luck will open things up. The show starts at 6. Tickets are $10.  

Fast and Furious punchline-dispenser and rapper Ludacris will be onstage at the Twilight Concert Series. The show starts at 5 p.m. Tickets are $5.75 

Southern rap crew Nappy Roots will be at In The Venue. Pat Maine, A God Damn Bear, Tribe Of I and Scenic Byway will warm things up. The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $16.50. 

For today's complete list of things to do, click here


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