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Who Wants To Buy Some Old-Timey LDS Polygamy Records?

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2012-07-11 -

Was your great-grandpa a habitual polygamist? Do your parents refuse to tell you about your dirty old grand-dad? Well, now's your chance to find out because, lucky for you, a Utah resident is currently hawking an original card catalog from the Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on eBay. The best part is, the thing is like one big diary of Mormon misbehavin'.   


The auctioneer, sarie.jane, purchased the collection from the LDS Church a couple of years ago; she claims on her eBay post that the church didn't have enough room to store these massive catalogs anymore. Lucky for her, some idiot forgot to remove the cards before it was sold, so now there's a whole bunch of Mormon dirty laundry to be purchased. The cards are dated from 1830-1973 and, unfortunately, only contain last names and events between the letters I and O. 


A few highlights from the original eBay post:

"Some of my favorite cards are the ones like Aurelius Miner. This guy kept getting arrested for polygamy or U.C. (Unlawful Cohabitation, which in 1885 equaled polygamy), went on trial, served time, got released and then spoke at the LDS (Tabernacle) church and then the cycle would happen again. There are quite a few instances of upstanding members of the LDS Church continually practicing polygamy, being arrested, being dis-fellowshipped and then back in the good graces of the LDS Church, only to have the cycle of polygamy start again. It must have been a hard habit to break." 

"They also kept records of anytime something horrible happened to someone not of their faith. "Baptist Preacher struck by Lightening" "Scientist falls to death" etc. I would guess that these records were kept as proof of theirs being the one true religion." 

The bidding price as of today (July 7) is $4,900. It's definitely not cheap, but that's the price you pay for a cabinet filled with so much awesome. I like to imagine that there's a small group of LDS leaders huddled around a computer right now, frantically trying to buy this cabinet back.  

Twitter: @WolfColin

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Posted // July 15,2012 at 10:46

You sheeple are ao entertaining to read.  You imagine a group of old white haired men huddling in a dark circle trying to hide any embarrasing item in their history.  If only all organizations could be as 'evil' and 'corrupt'.

Every single card pictured in the eBay listing is online, for free, and published by the church, unedited.



Posted // July 12,2012 at 08:09

This could prove to be priceless information. But posting it on a public auction site, one of two things is likely to happen.

1. (most likely) the LDS church's legal team is already working to get the cards back.

2. The Church, or a chruch friendly bidder (with deep pockets) will win the bid.

with any luck some researcher unaffiliated with the church will get these and really take a close look at them.


Posted // July 11,2012 at 18:25

The leaders of the Mormon Church definitly want to hide this index.  That's why they put it on their own website for free.


Posted // July 12,2012 at 10:36 - Wouldn't be easier for the guy if he didn't have a ton of wives in the first place? Or why not just let his wives work.


Posted // July 11,2012 at 20:53 - What a riot! Men being arrested and rearrested for trying to financially support their children rather than leaving it to wives who didn't have jobs. Yeah, trying to put food in those mouths "must have been a hard habit to break." Colin, your sense of humor is just so awesome!


Posted // July 11,2012 at 17:15

I found the Aurelius Miner polygamy card and the scientist who fell to his death card online.  I'll let someone else look for the others that the seller has posted.  If I was going to pay $5,000 or more for Mormon secrets, I'd be sure that they weren't already available elsewhere.


Posted // July 11,2012 at 16:42

yeah but I bet they don't put everything online though. I really want to see what's in this shit. 


Posted // July 11,2012 at 17:39 - I think the point is that it's a piece of history regardless if there's any actual secrets in it. Which I bet there are.