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Shitty Drivers Rejoice Over Local Speed Trap Guide

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2012-06-06 -

Back in the day, speedy drivers had to depend on the courtesy of a "headlight flash" from oncoming traffic to be warned of a speed trap. Good thing we live in the future. Now, all you need is a smart phone. A Utah-based user of the popular website Reddit started a thread asking other "Redditors" where the local speed traps were (specifically in the Salt Lake Valley) and boom, now Salt Lake City has one hell of a useful Google map that identifies pesky cop hangouts. This concept isn't anything new; there are plenty of apps that achieve the same goal. However, this user interface has a solid "fight the power" feel to it, which leads me to believe it may not stick around too long. That being said, be sure to check it out while it's here:

View Utah Speedtraps in a larger map

It's obviously not complete and that's the idea. Head over to the original thread to add your own "spottings," and they'll be plugged into the above map. As useful as this idea seems, shouldn't things like this be obsolete? I mean, why can't Utah drivers just not drive like Dominic Torretto?


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Posted // June 6,2012 at 17:17

Great news because I live my life a quarter mile at a time.


Posted // June 6,2012 at 17:45 - I'm a cop!


Posted // June 6,2012 at 16:37

Just a quick note, Colin, and it's really not nitpicking. I was in traffic school in Sandy a few years ago on a small speeding ticket. The cop conducting the class was taking questions and a guy asked how cops decide where to set up 'speed traps.' That was all it took for a plain-speaking lecture to commence. The crux of it was 'speed trap' spunds like you've been tricked into speeding, then trapped, which is utterly ridiculous. No one traps you into speeding. If you're driving faster than the posted speed limit, you are breaking the law, not getting 'trapped.'


Posted // June 6,2012 at 17:21 - Bill lets face it the speed limits are far too low. When I'm cruising around in my orange Supra(undercover I might add) I don't want to worry about being hassled by marked cars.


Posted // June 6,2012 at 11:19

I like this idea, but there's too many cops to count.