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Trestin Meacham Ends Hunger Strike With Creamy Blast of Yogurt

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2014-01-06 -

Trestin Meacham, the "I swear, I have gay friends" Mormon who fasted to end gay marriage in Utah, posted this amazing action shot to his Facebook account Monday morning. The photo shows the Monroe, Utah, resident shoveling creamy white yogurt into his dairy hole while a smiling Joe Montana watches him from a distance.


Apparently, the Supreme Court's decision to put a temporary stay on same-sex marriage in Utah Monday morning was enough for Meacham to end his arduous, 15-day hunger strike. He then went to Twitter and lamented that he wished the people who kept sending him 12-inch Hot Daddys for the past week would send him pizza now:


Though the fast supposedly started as a desperate cry for Utah's use of nullification, Meacham now claims (with a mouthful of yogurt) that his fast was also about exposing how mean all these gay supporters can really be (i.e., he read all your Twitter jokes) ... and that he still has no clue what the word "tolerant" means: 


Twitter: @WolfColin

Photo via Facebook. Screengrabs via Twitter

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