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Watch This Power Transformer Explode in Last Night's Storm

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2013-11-22 -

From now on, you can't say it's windy if a couple of leaves blow into your yard, your porch decorations fly away, or even if tree branches start busting through your windows. Nope, it's not windy unless there's an insane explosion—like the one that happened at the corner of Chase Lane and 400 East in Centerville on Thursday evening.

Last night, wind gusts reached speeds of 70 mph, which is apparently enough "windage" to cause a power transformer to s'plode. Here's the video, courtesy of YouTube-user Mr.GreenLounge (stick around; things get going around the 20-second mark):

Guy driving by in white truck, "Hey, what's going on here? Oh, sweet, this is how I die."  

Twitter: @WolfColin

Thumbnail pic via YouTube

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