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Watch the New Video from Local Rappers Better Taste Bureau

by Colin Wolf
- Posted // 2013-11-19 -

From the same guys who gave us the O'Brother, Where Art Thou'-inspired "Ham N' Eggs," last September comes another cinema-infused rap video. Utah-based hip-hop crew the Better Taste Bureau (formerly known as Hurris & Gig) quietly released the visual accompaniment for their single "Lookin' Back" over the weekend.

Shot and directed by Cameron Gould of Filmingo Studios and filmed at the Salt Flats, the four-minute mini-epic is a departure from the usual rap cliches and embraces a sort of Looper meets Groundhog Day theme-- centering on a kid in a leather jacket who is continually offed in new ways by a mysterious female. Give it a look: 

Though the song is about how a girl needs to leave her lame, non-rapper boyfriend, the video seems to suggest another theme entirely. Perhaps it's a commentary on how people make the same mistakes over and over, or how rappers can't help but date groupies; either way, the visuals are stunning and pair nicely with prolific beatsmith Mason Brewer's always-tight, always-big production. As of now, there's no hard date on their upcoming Better Taste EP

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