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The World's Most Famous Pole Dancer hits SLC

by Lexie Levitt
- Posted // 2011-08-18 - A few years ago, the words “pole dancing” conjured up images of smoky strip clubs and scantily clad women whose risqué performances were designed to please the men who came to watch. Today, pole dancing is an accepted form of exercise and an established athletic pursuit, and many women pole dance to please only themselves.

This week, Pantera Blacksmith, dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Pole Dancer,” is in Salt Lake City. She attends a meet and greet at Studio Pearl today, and tomorrow she will be hosting workshops there. A performance at Club Habits will follow at 7 p.m.

Since the opening of Studio Soiree in 2007, many Salt Lake City women have had the opportunity to learn pole fitness in a positive environment. On its website, it states that “the mission of [the] organization is to empower women through movement and physical strength, to create comfort and awareness of women's sensuality when combined with female-oriented exercise.” In fact, it even makes a point to exclude men from all but a couple of classes. This burgeoning pole-fitness culture undoubtedly made Salt Lake City seem an ideal tour stop for Blacksmith.

Blacksmith began her rise to fame much like the sport of pole dancing itself. She started out as an exotic dancer working in strip clubs. But, over time, pole dancing became much more than just a way to make a living. Her passion and skill on the pole eventually allowed her to quit her job as a stripper and devote all of her energy to the art of pole dancing. Now, when she’s not performing and competing in places from Europe to Australia, she acts as a personal trainer and teacher who emphasizes health, nutrition and safety.

Blacksmith said about her trip to Salt Lake City that “it’s a beautiful city, it’s a fun city, and I enjoy the landscape and the people." When asked why she came to Utah, a conservative state, to promote pole dancing, she said “pole dancing has reached a huge diversity” and that the problem “is not the location, it’s the continued stereotype of pole dancing,” a stereotype she hopes to overcome.

Whether you’re a pole-fitness aficionado or you just want to get a different perspective on pole dancing, Pantera Blacksmith’s visit is an event you won’t want to miss. For more information or to see an incredible video of one of Blacksmith’s performances, go to her Website.

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Posted // August 19,2011 at 09:16
Chauvinism isn't dead after all!
Pole Fitness is where it's at because of women. Men tend to think with the wrong head and it's that head that tries to supress women not empower them. Put men on a pole and all you will see and hear are giggles and laughter and realization that it's not easy being beautiful and they come away with a new perspective.


Posted // August 20,2011 at 08:37 - If a woman sticks her well endowned tits in my face, I am looking a long look at them.


Posted // August 19,2011 at 16:25 - It should be noted that "The Greatest Pole Dancer In The World" has several nude photos shot throughout the web. She's as interested in nudity as she is the pole, apparently. How am I supposed to appreciate her for her "art" when she still behaves like a stripper? I don't know what to say about those tattoos other than, once she reaches middle age and they begin sagging with her flesh and she looks like a deranged zebra, it's gonna f*cking hurt to get them zapped off! And it'll cost several thousand, literally: better save money for that now.


Posted // August 19,2011 at 16:01 - Funny as always, Bill ;-) It's such a double standard: This chick uses her ample tits as a tool - if they're hanging out like that, they're tits - to increase sales and tips, but you're expected to ignore that fact and act the gentleman at all times. Where were you dining, anyway? I feel hungry.


Posted // August 19,2011 at 14:59 - This is so funny. I was thinking of this very thing at lunch. A server in one of our uber-cool little eating places had a gorgeous figure and I really appreciated it. I think I apreciated it. It felt right and I was getting a nearly prehistoric sense of physical attraction. I wanted to marry her and have babies and hunt mastadons and build fires at night to keep the wild saber-toothed tigers away! She was sexy and funny and all those things that get men in so much trouble! She was wearing a skin-tight top with generous cleavage and she had perfectly-shaped bazoombas. Did I look? Nope! Because even though she was putting those babies right out there in front of my face, I am not supposed to "objectify" her by looking at 'em. She can put 'em out there, but I will not look at 'em because I have the problem. See how that works? F*ck! No wonder men turn gay.


Posted // August 19,2011 at 10:01 - Nobody said chauvinism was dead, ever, but I am no chauvinist. I am an honest realist. And I am completely positive that I'd laugh my ass off were I to see any guy spinning around on a stripper pole, regardless of the inherent physical difficulties. It's completely stupid to think that spinning around on a stripper pole is "empowering" for a woman in any way, whether it's done for kicks or cash. I suppose you think that going to spin class or yoga is empowering for women, too?


Posted // August 18,2011 at 12:59 You can promote pole dancing as being something other than it is and fool a lot of women that way, get them into classes, sell them some active wear and some vitamins and herbal teas and beewax rubs, etc.
But us guys, the ones that enjoy women for their bodies (sure sure, we love your mind, too), will only ever understand pole dancing as a great way to get some interesting views of a lady's tits and ass. And other things. Depends upon your preferences.