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Roller Derby: O-Town Downed

by Bill Frost
Posted // 2009-06-22 -

OTown_6.20.jpgOn Saturday, June 20 at the Eccles Conference Center, Ogden’s O-Town Derby Dames took on Pueblo, Colo.’s Devil Dollz in what’s become a hotly-contested roller derby bout—at least on O-Town’s side. The Derby Dames were defeated 320-25 (!), so they have some serious complaints about the Devil Dollz and their traveling referees in regard to penalties called and points awarded. O-Town’s Pepper Diamond elaborates:

“The amount of cheating by the Pueblo Dollz and their refs was unbearable. Although in a different light they would have won with how fast they were, we do not count them as the winners with what they continuously were doing and nothing being called.

“When their ref was on our jammers the second half, there were times where our jammer would lap the pack either by themselves or along side the other jammer yet no points were ever given … All of the penalties that should have been called on them for majors never were and somehow everything we did legally, or even that Pueblo did to us, we still got sent to the box.

“Our league is obviously upset at what occurred that night. It is absolutely ridiculous that we brought in a league to our home and they would play like that. Albeit if we would have played Pueblo and they did not cheat whatsoever, we feel they still would have won, but we do not give them credit. We are the first to admit when we lose, and when we lose to cheaters. We lost to cheaters that night.”

Shots from Saturday’s bout (O-Town in pink; Pueblo in white):









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Posted // July 18,2009 at 10:53

pepper is good at leading the team she just said some wrong things.. everybody does. its a lesson learned if they want to take the summer off to train by all means do it.. you need to train physically and MENTALLY..once you trrain mentally you should be ready to trrain physically.. i give you props for trying to work harder and do better obviously you girls haven't been ready to bout and now your taking the opportunity to be ready and learn from any "wrong doings.."

to everyone... seriously... sticks and stone can break my bones but names will never hurt me.... name calling.. accusations.. your being just as low as "pepper was". derby girls here pueblo, otown, slc, wasatch everyone else dont let anything anyone says get to you.. be the better person..brush it off your shoulder and move on. who cares its just words.. your here to skate and have fun.. so do it.


Posted // June 25,2009 at 17:02

ok so first off i just want to say thank you to pueblo for coming all this way to bout us.

they are way better skaters and they have obviously trained way harder than we have. they kicked our butts baaaadddd... and im kinda glad they did. they gave us the wake up call that we needed. we do need to train harder because now we know what were up against. im also sorry that all this drama had to happen. and if i offened you girls (and boys ) in any way i really appologize. although i dont agree with the way this was handled i understand where pepper was coming from. she was trying to protect us and she appologized. shes human just like the rest of us and makes not saying that makes it ok, im just saying maybe we should let it go now. we were wrong and i am very very sorry. i learned alot from this experience and i hope it helps to better our league and our skills level. thanks again for coming out here.



Posted // June 26,2009 at 14:10 - Pepper always apologizes. What is new. This is not the first time I have heard an apology for her wrong doings. Running a derby league is bigger than she can handle (expecially when your partner hides behind the sceen). I don't blame her for trying but you should know when to cut your losses and look out for the others on your league. I agree that we all need to move on and stop criticizing but I worry about the girls that continue to skate with ODD. There are three other really great leagues in Utah where you can perfect your skills and be apart of a derby sisterhood. I wish you all luck and don't give up. Keep skating.


Posted // June 26,2009 at 13:40 - 888


Posted // June 24,2009 at 11:08

Pepper, ok reading all of this to be honest just made me sad. I am a new skater for a league in denver. Seeing how a bad loss is takin shows me why i choose a league that is not only amazing at derby speed and all. but that we play fair and we take what we get..

i can not see why by any means that you would post this. if i was in your league i would seriously think about removing yourself. it is bad enough that your team did not play fair, but to go out and say someone cheated that shows how low you are . being a new skater i know how hard things are and i push myself soo hard i go to 3-4 practices a week for 2 hours each. with my league if you are not bout ready you dont play .. so with your girls and the safety of your girls and who they play with.. THEY NEED TO BE BOUT READY. looking behind you should be the easiest thing you can do. if you cant to that you are not bout ready..

pepper if i was you i would take the fall and leave your league because you lost so much respect for you and your league that you can not get bk . how many teams do you think would want to play you now ... i would never ....because i wouldnt trust what you would say ....


Posted // June 24,2009 at 15:00 - As I said before everyone should have learned something from this. Quitters are not needed here. Learn and improve yourself. Everyone is at a different place in their life and in their progression as a skater. Give people a chance on both ends to make mistakes, realize what needs to be different, and work on it. We need teams that stand together and improve themselves. Enough negative comments.


Posted // June 24,2009 at 01:21

Okay so everyone should know how not to behave, how to be gracious, how to treat the fans. Competition, being the beast that it is sometimes brings out the other side of humanity. We live in a society that teaches the importance of winning and emphasizes that failure is not an option...I enjoy watching roller derby. I hope that everyone learned something from this bout. It's not really them vs. us. It's about doing something extraordinary. Something that other people can't usually do. You all get an A for effort for bringing Roller Derby back to life! Now everyone involved should realize their own personal importance to the game...Just get up, blow it off, and SKATE!!!


Posted // June 24,2009 at 10:06 - Let's all agree to let this go. Pepper has been told enough what we all think and she has been given some great pointers. Utah Roller Derby is cohesive, we just need to agree to support each other. It is apparent that we all love this sport and our reputation in Utah- that makes me proud to skate in a Utah league.


Posted // June 23,2009 at 23:59

Ok ladies, I watched the whole thing and here it is:

1. Look behind order to block the other jammer, you need to see her coming, then get in her way and communicate to your team when she's were letting her through just about every time & it was very hard to watch. This was the biggest problem I saw. Practice looking behind you.

2. Pack it were way to spread out & it was way too easy for the other teams jammer to get looked like messy line drills. Practice skating closer together and controlling speed.

3. Get up quickly when you fall, get back in the pack, and watch for the incoming jammer. Practice suicides, falls and push yourself to get up quickly.

4. Skate lower, stronger and work on your lateral for the incoming jammer, and when she comes, get in her way. Do squats, lunges, and work on skating form.

5. Know when to call off the jam...if you're lead jammer and she passes you, especially if she's passed you by about 10 feet and you can't catch up, call it before she gets to the pack and scores on you.

6. (This one is actually the most important) PLEASE don't bag on the refs! Seriously.


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